4 Strategies To Improve Your Website’s Content


We at Creativ Digital are fond of saying time and again that content still is and will always be king.

If your website isn’t ranking in SERPs, if sales are in a slump or if calls from customers are down, something is wrong with your content. Unfortunately for many of us, the internet is littered with slick looking websites with terrible copy.

The problem is that content does not need to be decent. It needs to be outstanding. Good content sets you apart from other websites and delivers relevant information to the hands of your customers. This means that the success of your website depends on content.

Content opens the wallets of customers and other components such as design, images, videos and others provide support.

Content is important because it drives traffic to your website and persuade customers to buy. This is why you need to improve your website’s content.

Here are some tips when planning a copy.

Plan Ahead

Solid research should always be the basis of content. Most of the time, website owners think that they already have “useable” content and there is no need for strategic thinking.

This is a mistake because good content should revolve around the customer’s preferences. Content should always begin with market research to determine high value customers and to define the persona of your website. This will make it easier for you to write targeted content.

Knowing who your customers are and what they’re buying is a good start when planning a copy.

Editing Is Important Too

There is nothing more unattractive than a copy littered with misspelled words and grammatical errors. Even great writers look over their work and so should you. Editing is a good skill to master and very important when it comes to copy writing.

Editing is more than just proofreading. If you like what you read then make sure that everything is spelled correctly and has the correct punctuation and grammar. If it doesn’t, it’s usually because of these reasons: poor writing and failure to address the subject.

A good editor can rectify this situation. If you’re not good at editing there is professional help available.

Ensure That Landing Pages Are Amazing

The copy should be as good as the landing page. Copies are generally short so your landing page is a good vehicle for adding more value to your product.

A good landing page addresses the problem. Is their garden too untidy? Is heating a home expensive? Once you’ve established an emotional connection, explain how your product can help. Point out that other clients have successfully solved this problem by linking to testimonials.

The icing on the cake is the call to action button (CTA).

Generate Ideas For Blogs Regularly

Blogs are great for SEO but that’s not its only purpose. For many websites, its main purpose is to sell. Problem is we don’t always know what to write about.

Struggling for Content Tips for Inspiration

A good way to get yourself out of the rut is to take a look at what your competitors are writing about. Take a look at their most shared and most successful post to get ideas on what people are reading about and sharing. Another good strategy is to ask for ideas around the office or your audience to find out what other people are curious about in terms of your product or service.

Always remember that content is important not only to your website but also to your sales. Good content can generate leads which can turn into sales. Paying attention to what you write about is a good start when it comes to improving content for your website.

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