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19 Rich Techniques to Pump up Your + Engagement

rich techniques to pump up your google+ engagement pump upSearching for rich techniques to pump up your Google+ engagement?

Google+ may not surpass Facebook in terms of popularity contest, but it sure offers an exceptional set of capabilities that are not found in any other social networking sites.  So, without further delay let’s tap the list of rich techniques to pump up your Google+ engagement.

1) Mount all applicable Google+ properties

Check requirements for a Google+ page and mount it when you qualify.  Otherwise, just rely on the fitness of your personal profile by updating it with valuable information.

2) Renew your “rel=author” settings

By linking your Google+ profile to your posts, you can benefit from “rel=author” settings.

3) Attach Google+ Share Button to your site page

The latest Google+ sharing button is remarkably improved.  Place it on your website to quickly promote your posts on Google+.

4) Tune-up your profile images

If you desire to easily catch your reader’s attention and win their confidence in you, prop regularly your Google+ profile with gorgeous images.

5) Take advantage of the improved photo and video albums of Google+

The augmented photo and video albums allows full bleed capability which extends the image to the borders favoring a broader viewing experience.

6) Track the leaders of your industry and connect with them

Participate in on-going dialogues by contemplated leaders in your industry by tracking them and connecting with them.

7) Get involve with your community’s hosted hangout event

Participate in any hosted hangout event to benefit from meeting new and interesting people.

8) Hold your very own Google+ hangout activity

Better yet, hold your own Google+ hangout which is an opportunity for you to share your own expertise and know-how.

9) Execute “Hangouts on Air” feature of Google+

rich techniques to pump up your google+ engagement beautifulYou can play your hangout video using Google owned Youtube by executing “Hangouts on Air” feature of Google+ and pump up your engagement with your fans.

10) Sift through contents and select the best articles for sharing

Make it customary to go over your best articles and share them on your Google+ profile.  This will pump up your followers’ fascination over champion articles you’ve posted and shared.

11) Comment on the article posts of others

Like the many readers who give comments on your posts, do the same to other people’s contents promoted on Google+, share also their content to your active followers to pump up your Google+ engagement online.

12) Collaborate with other users

Contact other Google+ users and collaborate with them.  Make an arrangement to share each other’s articles and endorse them to each other’s followers.

13) Learn to introduce humor

One of the best ways to draw in crowd is to introduce comedy and humor into your posts and comments just as long as it is appropriate.

14) Present product reviews

Capitalize on the popularity of product reviewing.  Many people look for product reviews; turn this need into an opportunity for you by posting and presenting your own product reviews on your Google+ profile.  It saves your followers the trouble of searching elsewhere when it’s available here.

15) Ask for feedback to give improvement to products and services

Exhibit that you value your follower’s opinion by asking for feedback as their contribution to improving products and services your company offers.

16) Convince your fan base to “+1” vote your post

“+1” vote will help improve your rank in the search result pages.  Therefore, request your followers to vote for the contents you share.

17) Stay tuned with the latest trends and popular culture

rich techniques to pump up your google+ engagement pop cultureStay tuned for the latest social memes and include it into your content to show fans that you keep abreast with the latest trends and popular culture.

18) Launch customer surveys with Google+

One way of conducting cost-effective market research strategy is by collecting feedback info from your customers utilizing Google+ customer survey tools.

19) Take advantage of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to observe Google+ activities

You have these two great Google products ready at your disposal to show performance details of Google+ activity.  Use them both regularly in your daily pursuit to discover new prospects of connecting with your viewers.

So, go ahead and try out all these techniques to pump up your Google+ engagement and don’t forget to place in your comments below what you have observed so far.

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