• HTTP vs. HTTPS: What you need to know

    HTTP vs. HTTPS: What you need to know Google’s goal is a simple one: create an internet that is not only full of high-quality content, as exhibited by its bias towards websites with worthwhile, relevant copy, but also an internet that is as safe and secure as possible. There have been a lot of whispers […]

  • Tutorial: How To Add a Blog In Magento 2

    Tutorial: How To Add a Blog In Magento 2 Magento 2 is an ecommerce platform loaded with many awesome features. To run a Magento store with amazing speed and performance, a managed cloud hosting, like Cloudways, is required. The word Blog was derived from ‘web log’. A blog is basically a type of website with […]

  • 8 Best Magento Themes for Magento Ecommerce Design

    Magento is a preferred platform for most ecommerce stores on web. Millions of online retailers are already reaping the benefits, with new ones adapting the No.1 platform for for building online ecommerce shops. Magento developers have so many extensions and themes available for Magento Ecommerce that it will take hours together picking the best themes […]


    There are many successful app owners who have spent nothing to minimum to promote their app and make it successful. Among them, many made use of press publicity, while some generated a lot of buzz on social media. Spending on app promotion definitely requires a lot of financial effort. But there are many easy ways […]

  • 5 Best-of-Breed WordPress Security Plugins

    Website security is one of the most important aspect while building a website. Your website is the heart of your business and hackers can give you shock by stealing valuable information and customer’s data. To avoid such heart-attacks, it is advisable to protect your website from hacking attempts or related malicious activities by opting the […]

  • Principles of Effective Web Designing

    Having an effective and good web design doesn’t come easy. You have to follow the basic principles for creating an aesthetically looking and usable design. Enumerated below are some basics which can make your design pleasing, user friendly and effective for the intended audience. There are many companies which provide web designing services in various […]

  • 5 Best Practices of Project Management

    Project management may seem like an easy process to the layman, but it actually involves a lot of planning and organizing, not to mention quite a lot of responsibility. If you are an experienced project manager, you certainly understand that project implementation and the entire process of making sure that every single task is handled […]

  • Five Simple Yet Effective Ways to Drive Your Mobile App Development Timeline

    Have you decided to have a mobile application for your business or a new startup? That’s a great idea. Mobile applications are considered as lifeline for your business as they can put your business ahead and give you a completely new way to engage with your customers, build strong relations with them, and make yourself […]

  • Improving Customer Relations through Mobile Applications

    Just as other great revolutions in the past, the mobile revolution has brought about a whole new mindset. Mobile these days is not just a mere device, but a way of thinking in itself. Thanks to this, the world has now become a more connected place. People can now connect easily via social networks, interact […]

  • The Telecommuter’s Toolkit

    The Telecommuter’s Toolkit Telecommuting, working from home, remote employees … whatever you want to call it, more and more workers and employers are beginning to recognise the benefits of flexible working arrangements that allow for working remotely part or all of the time. The myriad of pros include less time spent commuting, which in turn […]

  • Keeping Up With Google

    Keeping Up With Google Like all technology, Google is continuously getting smarter at indexing the contents of the web. Their goal is simple: maximise user experience by constantly improving their ranking algorithm to ensure that users can find relevant content quickly and easily. As an Internet user, this is a great thing – gone are […]

  • 5 Bulletproof Tips for Integrating Social Media on Your Website

    5 Bulletproof Tips for Integrating Social Media on Your Website With over a billion people active on social media, neglecting to integrate popular platforms on your website can be a huge mistake. You want to draw people in from where they’re already at, and retain them as visitors on your site. By streamlining your site […]

  • Top Four Tips to Find a Business Name

    Top Four Tips to Find a Business Name Finding a perfect business name can be one of the most frustrating, overwhelming and most challenging experience while starting your business. Your business name can be the very first impression you will make to your potential client and you know how important the first impression is. You […]

  • 10 Things That Make Your Infographic Viral

    10 Things That Make Your Infographic Viral The amazing news for the day is that the human brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than textual information and more than 65% of us are visual learners. Today we have been so busy living and an image is exactly what we need to get the […]