Website Conversion Optimisation

So your business is doing well. Your website receives traffic, and activity occurs on its pages. Though, nothing is storing this valuable information which can be used to make data-driven decisions. There is a lack of insight generation. To reverse this untapped potential, you decide to employ Google’s free Analytics application that is housed within...
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Bounce rate is the percentage of people who visit your website and leave without clicking any links or viewing any other pages on your website. A high bounce rate indicates that your pages are not engaging your visitors. As a result, they will not generate traffic for you and you will not be able to...
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WordPress is a fantastic, easy-to-use CMS. Page builders allow anyone to build smart and professional-looking articles and websites. It helps developers build pages quickly, and assists beginners create sophisticated pages they could not make on their own. With page builder plugins, you don’t need an HTML/CSS guru to make your website look great. Have you...
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steps to optimize your website load time_icon
Steps to Optimize Your Website Load Time How serious are you in taking the necessary steps to improve your website load time?  I bet you are very serious.  Otherwise, you’ll stop dead in your tracks and navigate away to some other website page.  If you wish to proceed, then good for you because today’s article...
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How Images Can Help Boost Your Web Conversion Rate Much of the web contents are images used to stimulate viewers. Therefore, the web is a visual tool filled with images designed to attract audience and persuade them through sales pitch to take action. It’s amazing to see how images can influence the viewer’s action. The...
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AdWords CTR and Quality Score Fixing Poor Performance We often come across AdWords campaigns that are not performing well.  These are our recommendations on how to get your campaigns in top shape. Some of the indications of poor performance are: Low Click Through Rate, after running for some time CTR should improve. High cost of...
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Domain Name
Solid #domain name that Fosters Success On the #internet, a company’s brand becomes synonymous with its domain name.  Therefore, your domain name can either help of hurt your online business. The domain used directly influences how a company is viewed by both users, who are human, and search engines, which are run by computers.  Therefore,...
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6 Crafty Strategies To Get Your Visitors More Engaged
6 Crafty Strategies To Get Your Visitors More Engaged Do you know what makes me most happy? It’s an email by someone who tells me how much they like an article or software I’ve written and published on some of my sites. Oh, well, profits make me happy too. And somehow they are “magically” connected...
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Top Five Tips for Succeeding in Ecommerce
Top Five Tips for Succeeding in Ecommerce Needless to say, ecommerce is very competitive. Unlike opening a shop on the high street, wherein you’re able to choose a location away from your competition, when you open up online, you’re instantly up against every other ecommerce site in your industry. Here are five top tips to...
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Simple Web Design
Simplicity in Website Design: Keep It Simple Stupid Don’t Confuse Your Visitors Using the KISS principle in web design   When you have too many options for doing something, it usually means that you will end up being counterproductive. This truth is with very many things. For instance, being a basketball player, I noticed (and...
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Max out your Website Conversion Rate using Colors Color is one of the hidden persuaders. Colors can motivate people without them even knowing it. There are a number of behavioral scientists who study the ways in which colors can motivate, relax or otherwise stimulate people. Many companies use this knowledge to make their products more...
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