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php mysql development sydneyMySQL originated as an open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).  It is now one of the most sought-after database softwares in the world.  MySQL will operate on a server and is quite robust in managing heavy loads of system users concurrently communicating with multiple databases.  Many web developers prefer to pair PHP with MySQL to produce very powerful and highly dynamic web applications.  PHP MySQL database development takes advantage of the LAMP software stack.  LAMP simply means Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python – a common selection of software and platform installed on host servers to offer clients tools for web application development.

Our developers pick MySQL as one of our preferred database components in building web applications because it supports many platforms and is very easy to work with.  PHP has similar attributes as well and is capable of creating applications which update dynamically and are sensitive to user interaction.  Therefore, PHP MySQL database development is a very powerful combination – two highly dynamic softwares, one for server scripting and the other to manage large scale database systems.  Creativ Digital PHP MySQL database development Sydney employs the latest in software technology for our projects.

The teamwork of MySQL and PHP opened a new standard in web application development geared with many enhancements like a whole gamut of tasks available for the user to perform, from boolean choices to numeric calculations.  A rich, well-formatted, and highly responsive web pages can be crafted out from using PHP and MySQL relational database.

Why the PHP and MySQL pair?

php mysql database development sydney developerMany software development companies have chosen PHP to work in tandem with MySQL because the two can produce a result that’s hard to beat in the competitive market of software development.  The synergistic effect of two powerful software creates highly advanced business solutions.

PHP links with MySQL database server using application programming interface (API).  PHP has a number of API extensions, the mysqli extension and PHP data objects are just two of several others.  PHP is a perfect match for MySQL because:

  1. API extensions like mysqli allow users to use many statements and facilitates PHP programmers in advance debugging technique
  2. PHP data object API and PHP data object driver are highly tolerant and will accept switching of databases, such as shifting to MySQL, with very little code revision
  3. Permits the use of procedural application programming to interface web apps with MySQL database

Highlights of PHP MySQL database development sydney

php mysql database development sydney serversPHP MySQL development gives you the following beneficial features of PHP MySQL development synergy.

  1. No problem operating on server platforms, for example IIS and Apache
  2. Compatible to any web browser and to most databases
  3. Runs on most OS platforms
  4. Separate design and content features
  5. Multilingual

PHP MySQL development addresses the skyrocketing demand for web database solutions that introduces a whole new level of enhanced functionality.  With our developers you will have a repertoire of web applications available to you.

  1. Professionally crafted highly dynamic and rich custom website development
  2. Cross-platform web apps
  3. Applications having database features and capable of running on multiple languages
  4. Custom web applications that target specific operating system platforms and browsers

PHP MySQL development is paving a brighter future for many advance web applications from CMS applications like WordPress and Joomla to popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.  The possibilities are eternal and the only known bound is your own imagination.  Contact Creativ Digital PHP MySQL database development Sydney to discuss any project you are considering using these technologies.

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