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Online Meeting & Collaboration Tools For Lockdown Efficiency

As the world slowly recovers from the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) rampage, many businesses remain shut with some employees and employers opting for online meetings and collaboration in order to continue work. The beauty of online tools is that many of them are easy to use and offer a cost-effective (and sometimes free) solution to...
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Cool App Design Trends For 2020

When you take a look at apps today, you will immediately notice that many of them sport vibrant, polished and more immersive designs. But at the same time, many app designers are following a more retro look with pixelated fonts and throw-back color schemes for a more nostalgic look. As take a more bigger and...
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Top Design Considerations You Need To Think About

Did you know that more people are browsing the internet using their phones compared to their desktops? Yes, it’s official. More people are now using their smartphones compared to other devices for their internet needs. This means that app designers in Sydney are updated about the latest design trends when it comes to apps. It...
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Web Application Development

Mobile App Trends You Should Know About

According to experts, mobile app downloads experience a year-over-year increase of 11.5%. This means that even after a decade, app development is still in demand. However, enhanced mobility is changing how companies manage their everyday workflow.  In the next couple of years, businesses will need to put an emphasis on mobility to match the pace...
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Best Reasons To Redesign Your App

It’s very normal to think about redesigning an app. You might have seen your competitor’s app or maybe you have new ideas you want to implement. There could also be UI/UX issues that you want to address or maybe your app isn’t so appealing anymore. A set of changes can be exciting. Here are some...
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Mistakes To Avoid When Budgeting For Your App Development

Spending money on an app is different from spending money wisely. For small to medium enterprises, every dollar counts so a budget for an app should be considered meticulously. Even if you have a big budget you will soon find yourself deep in coding, development, backend and frontend marketing, promotions, back-ups, etc. careful planning and...
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Best App Marketing Strategies

People who have built mobile apps know that they face a tough competition. There are simply so many apps out there so you need to stand out and get noticed. One of the best ways of doing so is by having a sound marketing strategy. Here are some of the best strategies to help you...
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Top Reasons Why Apps Fail

What does it take for an app to be successful in today’s market? Functionality is a good start. According to data, there are approximately 2.8 million apps in the Google Play Store while the Apple App store has 2.2 million. While many apps are used today, not all of them are downloaded. This is primarily...
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Best Mobile App Development Tools To Use

Have you ever thought of a good idea for an app and want to start building it immediately? If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place because we have a list of some of the best app building software available. Fear of coding might make you scared to make your own app but...
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Best E-Commerce Mobile Apps

Did you know that there are millions of apps uploaded on Play Store every day? However, very few manage to make an impression. This is usually because of their niche concept or complicated functionalities. These e-commerce apps are some of the most successful among their users. Amazon Amazon is now known as the biggest online...
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How Are Taxi Booking Apps The Smartest Solutions To Travel?

Travelling to a new city? If so, then certainly you need to book the ride for easy travel. But sometimes, chasing down a cab on the street, or calling a cab make the travel a bad tale. How? In case you have hired an unregistered taxi by hailing a cab, then at first, you may...
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Native Apps vs. Web Apps: Which is Better?

Mobile App development requires detailed planning and various processes to come together to build a harmonious whole. The process begins with an idea for the app, then continues to the planning stage, app design stage, app development stage, testing stage, and finally, the release of the app to the planned mobile device/s. However, there is...
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Have You Considered Custom Developed Apps?

We all use so many web based apps like Gmail and Google Docs to be more productive, but did you know many businesses are developing their own custom apps to get an edge over competitors these days? Here at Creativ Digital, we develop many types of custom apps and software for both web and mobile...
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Five Simple Yet Effective Ways to Drive Your Mobile App Development Timeline

Have you decided to have a mobile application for your business or a new startup? That’s a great idea. Mobile applications are considered as lifeline for your business as they can put your business ahead and give you a completely new way to engage with your customers, build strong relations with them, and make yourself...
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Custom Software Development – Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Custom Software Development – Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs It Custom software development has become more and more popular as a solution for both small and large businesses. But how do you decide if customised software is right for your business? Well custom software is a program or suite of programs developed specifically for...
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The Power pack impact of Spring Roo which has made Java developers smile

The Power pack impact of Spring Roo which has made Java developers smile The increased potential of Java application development has made this an amazing platform to work with. This has not been a new thing for this domain with amazing tools being a trademark behind the success. The web’s reach has equally increased the...
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Why Pursue Custom Software Development

Why Pursue Custom Software Development The advancement of technology has provided many opportunities for humans to live better. Nowadays, the public is exposed to different types of gadgets that cater to an individual’s various needs. May it be for entertainment, information or other reasons; the market is full of technologies that do not fail to...
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Microsoft .NET Development Sydney

Microsoft .NET Development Sydney Are you seeking a true piece of technology capable of facilitating a quick website application development? Seek no longer, Microsoft .NET Development Sydney builds websites and web solutions in full scale from the ground up utilizing one of the most modern technologies in web development which is Microsoft .NET. Microsoft .NET...
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