Mobile App Development


"Indivine is all about high-quality, relevant and accurate vegan business listings, including restaurants, stores and services to name a few. Our focus is on vegan, however we do allow vegetarian and veg options although these undergo far more scrutiny by quality control team before they are published on Indivine."
SkillsUX Design, Mobile App Development, React Native
TagsDesign, Mobile Development

Our Solution

Creativ Digital developed an efficient solution for a cross-platform mobile app developed in React Native that was deployed across both Android and Apple devices.   The single code base meant faster development and lower maintenance costs for our customer who were in the startup phase of their business. 

The app was developed on an API so it was able to draw all data from listings in a web application making all data synchronised and giving a smooth user experience going from the website to the mobile app.

Overall a modern and stylish Yelp style food search app was developed incorporating location-based search and giving users convenient access to information on their favourite restaurants.

Not all examples are public websites or currently published. Please contact us for a demo of our work.