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Living Styles

LivingStyles is an online furniture company based in Lidcombe, Sydney. When they teamed up with Creativ they were already visible in search engines but there was potential to take this to the next level and increase traffic – the goal was to rank for the full range of all search terms relevant to the business.

ClientLiving Styles
SkillsSEO, Digital Marketing, Analytics

Our Solution

We started by researching potential keywords that resulted in to an in-depth keyword report, from which we optimised the site by rewriting the page titles, adding ALT text to images, and by adding description tags to important pages, as well as rectifying major technical issues with Google’s ability to crawl and access the site.


Through high-end website tracking tools such as Google Analytics, we were able to notice significant improvements in rankings and visibility of the website for existing and newly implemented keywords, including a 25% increase in traffic in just two months.