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iPromise Tracker

Developed for Tradies, iPromise Tracker is a sustainability and environmental savings app that allows you to track your recycling, water savings, electricity data and transport. The app gives you points for each environmental saving you have made and generates a leaderboard so you can compare your environmental savings to others.

The app is part of the iPromise program; a sustainability initiative from Tradies (a registered club in Sydney). The iPromise program is based on the principle that if we all make small changes to our every day lives, together we can make a big environmental impact. The iPromise Tracker is designed to help track this impact and encourage users to think about the little things they can do every day to help our environment, like taking shorter showers, remembering to recycle or walking instead of driving.

To prove their commitment to environmental conservation, the app also includes a section where Tradies shares its own environmental data and savings.

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SkillsUser Interface Design, App Development, UX Research
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