A Professional Search Marketing Agency Helps Your Businesses Grow

A Professional Search Marketing Agency Helps Your Businesses Grow Most of the businesses today have their own web site and some effort and thought must go into the marketing for the web site to reach its target market. You may also know the importance of having your web site rank highly in search engines for...
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Excellent Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Putting Things Right for your Customers. Things can go wrong in every service transaction. So managing complaints and putting things right for your customers as quickly as possible and with minimum of fuss are important elements of good customer care. What this means is to resolve complaints effectively to the satisfaction of your customer and...
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WordPress Search Engine Optimization Titles Slugs and Conversions

You have a wordpress site and want it to rank better in google searches.‚ Here’s a few tips to get you started.‚‚ I will use the example of an architects website. The way to start is to install all-in-one-SEO-pack for wordpress.‚ This allows you to edit Page titles and the url address.‚ Follow this tutorial...
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Q and A with Creative Web Design Sydney

I recently applied for a local small business competition, this is a Q and A that i sent about my business Creative Web Design Sydney. Ed: What is your business? (please describe in 100 words or less) Scott: Empowering Business online. Providing business the tools to control their internet marketing with easy to use websites...
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five keys to online marketing success

Each Business has a different objective for online marketing, but i expect you will be interested in what return it can give you.  So let me give some five key suggestions that will help you get business online. Keys to online marketing success 1) Solid marketing strategy and branding 2) SEO to draw traffic to...
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Tutorial: Simple import of email addresses into PHPlist

Tutorial: Simple import of email addresses into PHPlist PHPlist is my software of choice when providing email marketing service for my customers.  The import feature is really quite simple to use and this tutorial shows an easy way to import your list.  Follow this link and happy emailing. Tutorial: Simple Email Scraper – PHPlist import...
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On using Subversion for web projects

Who wouldn’t like to be able to turn back time?? well now you can! Subversion is the latest popular tool in version control.  Initially designed for the serious programming team, this tool has now developed to be useful even to the individual web coder and even an author who wants to keep revisions of their...
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50 High-Res Apple, MacOS and iPhone Wallpapers

Here is collection of some of the finest and most beautifully designed Apple Mac & iPhone wallpapers for your desktop. View Original Article
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How to choose a content management system CMS

Ther are so many CMS systems out there.  How to choose one that is right for you.  My colleague Charlotte put me on to this great site today which lets you try out the systems I found it fantastic and will recommend it to my customers when adviing them on website systems.  enjoy the...
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