5 SEO Tasks to Cross Off Your Checklist for 2018

With every new year comes a new set of trends and tasks that you have to check off your list to make sure that your site stays on top this 2018. Good news is, we’re not talking about trends you’ve never even heard of. A lot of what’s likely to get big in 2018 is...
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5 Tips on Improving Your Skyscraper Content

Skyscraper content has earned a reputation of being an effective medium in increasing click throughs and site traffic. In short, it’s known to be a reliable SEO tactic. However, this resulted to a lot of sites coming out with guide posts with over 10k words, promising to give you everything “you need to know about”...
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drupal 8

Deck Up Your Website Content With Drupal 8’s Impressive Functionality

Boosted up with the advanced functionality, the latest version of Drupal, i.e. Drupal 8 has better possibilities of advancement in terms of functionality. There is an ample number of improvements seen in the latest version. This improvement is of greater benefit for the end user. This version eliminates the need to be dependent on additional...
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The Biggest Trends in Web Development We’ve Seen this Year

The web is continually changing. Thus web development techniques have also been constantly changing. With every New Year, newer and more improved tools for web development come out, giving developers more opportunity to play with design and page interactions. Each time a new design comes out, new patterns bloom, fresh techniques blossom, and a possibility...
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5 Effective Ways to Get Backlinks From Social Profiles

Getting backlinks is an effective SEO strategy for your site to gain more foot traffic. Of course, it can be very tricky and tedious and you have to maintain your integrity by sticking to White Hat practices only. One of the ways to get more links is by making use of your social profiles. But...
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pinterest dice

It is Possible to Blog Without Writing Blogs: Welcome to Instagram!

Most bloggers on Instagram do not even have blogs! Modern bloggers do not believe in the power of words. Well, we are not saying that the text content of blogs is not relevant. With the advent of image-heavy platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, long articles and features take a backseat. Great images with a high...
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6 Best Forms of Visual Content That Get Lots of Links and Shares

Are you aiming for more engagement for your business’ content? Whether it’s a blog post or a social media post, it’s all about the likes, comments, and reshares in order to get your business out there. So how exactly do you do this through content? Let’s get real for a moment. Most readers tend not...
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How to Get Blog Ideas Straight From Your Customers

With the onslaught of various forms of content all over the World Wide Web, marketers and business owners have struggled to generate enough traffic and leads towards their respective sites. It’s given that leads and traffic matter to everyone. It leads to sales and revenue opportunities, and a big part of it heavily relies on...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pro For Your Site’s SEO

SEO has long been an important strategy for businesses to succeed. It’s even become more necessary in this digital age, especially since more and more consumers are relying on e-commerce to purchase what they want and need. While there are several optimisation tactics that you can very well do on your own, completely managing it...
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