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It’s easy to put social media marketing aside while you’re busy meeting the increased demand for holiday orders. However, a few quick social media postings can offer a great opportunity to connect with your customers and boost your holiday sales. Shoppers research products online before making a purchase, and they often check social media pages for special bargains and customer support assistance. 

The engagement you develop with shoppers and prospects throughout the holidays not only has the potential to increase your holiday sales, but may also drive customer relationships in the months to come.

If you’re off to a late start, the following holiday social media tips will help attract shoppers and find the perfect holiday gift on your website.

Take Advantage of Social Media Tools

During the holiday season, it can be difficult to find time to stay active on social media. You and your team may be spending all your time on more critical holiday tasks like overseeing order fulfillment or solving customer service issues. The idea of social media marketing may be daunting because of the increased expectations over the holidays on top of an already demanding workload. However, time-saving social media planning tools can make daily updates easier during the busy e-commerce season.

Social media tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and Sendible allow you to to schedule and publish posts that can be shared across multiple social sites. This means you can now plan your holiday content before the all-important holiday rush arrives. If you don’t have time to learn a new tool, prepare your holiday messages in advance using Microsoft Word and copy them to your social profiles in the coming weeks.

Give Your Social Profile a Festive Look

Making your social media profiles more festive is a great way to personalise your business while also showing your followers that you’re ready to celebrate the holiday season with them. Create your own unique winter or holiday-themed cover photos and profile images for each profile to get your customers (and yourself) in the holiday spirit. (Don’t forget to change it back once the holiday season is over!)

Also, consider the content you plan to publish on each platform during this time. Make sure to post fun and festive images to celebrate the season. Take new photos of your product in the context of the season, whether surrounded by holiday colors or placed in holiday-themed backdrops. By taking product photos during the holiday season, you can reposition your products as ideal gifts that are perfect for the season.

Share Special Holiday Greetings

The holiday season is the perfect time to send a special message to shoppers. While you can use email and mailing lists to send cards, social media is another channel you can use to let your customers know how much you value them.  It shows that you pay attention to the little things and put an effort to maintain the highest standards of service, even during the holidays.

Some holiday social media ideas are posting a Tiktok or Instagram video for a personalized greeting. You can also organize a Google Meet or Twitter Space with your most loyal customers so you can surprise them with a holiday greeting or a special holiday offer. 

Promote Holiday Deals, Sales, and Discounts

Any business owner today is aware of how competitive the eCommerce market is, especially during the holiday shopping season. Take advantage of social media for flash sales, discounts,  festive giveaways, free gift wrapping, and more. You can also create discounts, special offers, and promo codes only for people who find them on your social media platforms. To increase traffic to your website and increase sales, let all of your followers know about the great deals that are only available for a limited time. It might be helpful to track the success of your social media efforts by generating unique promo codes for your social media pages. 

Invest in Ads to Expand Your Reach

If you want a surefire way to reach a new audience, investing in social media advertising can be a smart move. Every social media platform has its own advertising features to connect with users who haven’t yet followed you. When clients are more likely to make a purchase from you, you may improve the visibility of all the holiday promos and content you post on social media. And since social media platforms often have good targeting capabilities, your ads can show up in front of the people who are most likely to respond.

It’s the busiest time of the year though for both shoppers and merchants – which is why social media ad platforms capitalise on the high demand for ad space. So be sure to do plenty of research before deciding on the best ads platform for your holiday promotions. 

Final Thoughts 

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s important to start planning your social media campaign early. Be sure to engage your audience with these ideas and you’ll get more sales.

Now is the perfect opportunity to integrate social sharing into your ecommerce site, if you haven’t already! The goal is for shoppers to instantly share product details and images with their friends on social media – with just one click from your online store. Creativ Digital can integrate your ecommerce site with social media apps so you can build a dynamic multi-channel marketing strategy.

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