Why Custom Mobile App Development is Worth the Investment

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The mobile application industry is one of the most promising, with 255 billion new app downloads and $167 billion spent in app stores in 2022. As our dependence on mobiles and the internet continues to rise, so does the widespread adoption of this technology across all age groups. With this escalating trend, customers now expect to utilise these devices for various purposes, including fulfilling their daily needs.

Businesses must adopt this trend and create mobile apps that make it easy for customers to access their products and services. These apps can be an effective way to boost a company’s productivity, grow its customer base, and improve the customer experience. Any company that wants to stay ahead of the competition is investing in mobile apps.

In this post, we will discuss the advantages of developing a custom app instead of using off-the-shelf software. We will explore how this can lead to increased customer engagement, improved efficiency, and cost savings. We will also discuss the main reasons why you should consider investing resources into developing a custom app. 

Custom Mobile App vs. Off-the-Shelf App

When it comes to choosing a mobile app for your business, there are two main options: off-the-shelf apps and custom mobile apps. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully before making a decision.

Off-the-shelf apps are pre-made apps that are available for purchase or download. They typically have a set of standard features and functionality, and they can be customised to some extent. Off-the-shelf apps are a good option if you need a quick and easy way to get an app up and running. However, they may not be as flexible or customisable as custom mobile apps.

Custom mobile apps are built specifically for your business needs. They can have any features or functionality that you require, and they can be tailored to your specific brand and audience. Custom mobile apps are a good option if you need an app that is unique and differentiated. However, they can be more expensive and time-consuming to develop than off-the-shelf apps.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing between off-the-shelf apps and custom mobile apps:

  • Your budget: Off-the-shelf apps are typically less expensive than custom mobile apps. However, the cost of customisation can add up, so you’ll need to factor that in as well.
  • Your time frame: Off-the-shelf apps can be purchased or downloaded immediately, while custom mobile apps can take weeks or even months to develop.
  • Your specific needs: If you have very specific needs or requirements, a custom mobile app is the way to go. Off-the-shelf apps may not be able to meet all of your needs.
  • Your long-term goals: If you plan to grow your business or expand your reach, a custom mobile app is a better investment. Off-the-shelf apps may not be able to scale as easily.

Why is Custom Mobile App Development a Better Investment?

In today’s digital era, businesses are increasingly embracing digital solutions to provide superior customer experiences and ensure their long-term success. With the surge in mobile app development following the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes evident that custom mobile app development can be a more profitable investment for future-proofing your business.

Apart from meeting your business requirements, there are many reasons why custom mobile app development is a better investment than off-the-shelf app development. Here are some of the most important reasons:

  1. Easier Integration: In an age of specialisation and big data, a custom app can seamlessly integrate with your existing digital tools. Investing in custom app development makes integration easier, especially if you have a pre-existing IT ecosystem.
  2. Upgrades on Demand: Off-the-shelf app solutions are regularly updated by their developers, but these updates may not occur frequently. If you require faster updates and the ability to add features promptly, custom app development companies are usually willing to accommodate your needs.
  3. Scalability Requirements: Scalability is crucial for growing businesses, whether they are already established or just starting out. While your current needs may be limited, it is essential to consider future growth requirements. Custom app development allows you to build a mobile app that can efficiently scale with your business, making it a more efficient investment.
  4. Unique Services: To stand out from your competitors, you need unique services or functionalities that they cannot offer. Off-the-shelf products often provide generic solutions, whereas custom app solutions can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and provide the exclusivity you seek.
  5. Ongoing Maintenance: Off-the-shelf app products lack the option for ongoing maintenance. If you encounter a bug, you need to report it and wait for the next update. With custom app development, your development company can provide quicker bug fixes and ongoing maintenance support.
  6. Targeted Training: Custom apps may require your business to invest in training from the app development company. However, this training can be focused on the features and functionalities that each team member will be using. With immediate answers to their questions and a quicker learning curve, your employees can adapt faster to the custom app.
  7. Efficient Size: Off-the-shelf products are designed for mass markets, often containing features and functions that you may not require but still have to pay for and install. On the other hand, custom app programs are streamlined, including only the features you specifically want. Working with the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach ensures an efficient app without unnecessary components burdening your IT system.
  8. Features Flexibility: Off-the-shelf products limit your options to the features they offer, even if they are not an ideal fit for your needs. Custom app development, particularly when employing Agile methodologies, provides greater flexibility. You can choose the specifications you want and even make changes and adjustments to the features during the development process.
  9. Unlimited Users: Most commercial off-the-shelf products charge fees based on the number of users. As your company grows, accommodating more staff members would require additional expenses. With custom app development, you own the app and can have as many users as needed without paying user fees.
  10. Superior Product Quality: Off-the-shelf apps often include unnecessary features and might not meet your desired quality standards. If you require a high-quality app that has undergone intensive quality testing for optimal performance, custom app development is the ideal choice.

Choose Creative Digital for Your Next Custom App Development Project

While building your own app might seem overwhelming and time-consuming, partnering with a trusted development company like Creativ Digital can make all the difference. Our custom apps offer the perfect balance between functionality and cost savings. We provide you with a modern, visually appealing, and efficient solution tailored to your specific preferences. No matter what your needs are, Creativ Digital can help you create a custom app that is tested for optimal functionality and performance. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your custom app development project.

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