SEO Fixes That Will Increase Your Google Rankings


Did you build a fully functional website, and it has got an amazing design, but no one’s visiting?

No worries, even the best of us have been there.

Simply building a website isn’t enough to persuade users to come looking for your business. You need a digital marketing strategy<span< a=””> style=”font-weight: 400;”> that assures visitors on the website.</span<>

Digital Marketing has opened the gates to many new scenarios that allow online businesses to follow their audience and represent their work in the most productive way. If you consider the search engine traffic results, you need your Google rankings to go up.

SEO Fixes That Will Increase Your Google Rankings

Here are top 5 SEO fixes that will help you gain more visitors by pushing up your Google rankings.

  1. Get your website fixed in mobile

Top search engines like Google and Bing are ranking websites that work well on mobile devices. The simple reason for this is that 70% of the users are on mobile.

Your website cannot perform well on any search engine until your website is not mobile optimised.

Websites on desktop comprise of tons of flashy videos, gifs, and images, however, things need to change for a mobile device.

The mobile version is much more decluttered as compared to the web version, though the features from the website remain intact in mobile.

The buttons in the mobile version are optimised to make the experience better on mobile.

Optimising your website on mobile not only helps in improving the user experience, it also helps in your search engine rankings. Since April 21, 2015 Google has added the new feature that gives preference to mobile friendly websites.

  1. Gaining backlinks by posting content on relevant websites

Search Engine Optimisation depends on a lot on links!

Creating backlinks is a very important SEO strategy.

By extensively creating backlinks on relevant websites, you can increase your Google rankings.

You must post regularly on websites like Medium, Linkedin and other popular websites in your niche to get recognition overnight.

Though studies now say that there are better methods, backlinking through guest posting is still important.

One such strategy would be to approach influencers and ask them to spread the word on your behalf.

Bryan Harris at Okdork increased his visitors by 500% by posting blogs on relevant websites.

Search the most popular websites in your niche and start creating backlinks with meaningful and interactive content.

  1. Optimise Visuals and Infographics

The popularity of Infographics isn’t a surprise. In 2016, creating infographics became one of the best SEO strategies for businesses. But for the coming years optimising infographics is one strategy that cannot be missed by businesses.

Source: Neil Patel

It is more appealing to read visual content than plain simple text. Also, it is easier to share as it attracts user attention.

How does this improve your rankings?

Google has a “Search by Image” option that helps in searching images online.

When the image you posted is found there, your website ranking shoots up.

Another way Google functions are:

If you search “Top hollywood actors” on Google, here’s the result that is displayed:


Visual content almost takes up the entire screen.

If you are still not creating more visual content for your website, start creating and optimising the images today. Images and infographics retain better on Google and appear more on search engines.

Though the SEO fixes in this blog might seem very basic to you, they are important. If you want to be found on the Internet, your focus should be on Google. The internet is constantly changing, and you’ll have to remain nimble to keep up.

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