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Dermo Direct

The Dermo Direct service provides Specialist Dermatology services to anyone in Australia who is in need. Our vision is to provide the services of a Board-Certified Dermatologist to those who would otherwise struggle to access such care due to distance, mobility, being short on time or other issues.

ClientDermo Direct
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Our Solution

Dermo Direct wanted to provide a medical service through the use of technology to clients across Australia. Clients make an appointment to “meet” with the doctor through an online appointment system. Clients then make the initial payment using an online payment system. The Consultation then takes place between the Doctor and the Client via two-way video conference with streaming webcam and audio communication with text messages.
Dermo Direct required an automated solution to deliver the above innovative service while still meeting any and all Australian medical laws and guidelines. The marketing of the online medical service will require a website optimised for search engines to reach clients across Australia. Some advertising will be required in the commercialisation phase through Search Engine Marketing too. Integrated into the website will be Video Conferencing,  Appointment Scheduler as the booking system and Online Payment Gateway.
Dermo Direct has 2 founding doctors that will be rostered onto the solution. In time, other doctors will be able to register to offer services, define a profile and be rostered onto the solution to make appointments and consult with clients. External Doctors who are rostered on will be required to be paid for their services.
Dermo Direct has been an overwhelming success winning the 2019 TELSTRA Business Award Winner, Northern Territory Emerging and Energised and other similar prizes.

The final solution has the following functional capabilities:

  1. Book Appointment Online Scheduled or Express (now);
  2. Scheduling doctors and hours of operations for the practise;
  3. Practise can add doctors that do not physically work in the surgery
  4. Patients can select online doctors that are available;
  5. Upload General Practitioner referrals
  6. Upload photos and other information
  7. Uses Medicare Rebate System
  8. Offer Redeem Coupons
  9. Payments online by credit card
  10.  Payments can be made in whole at the end of the consultation
  11.  Payments can also be split with a deposit upfront and then with a balance
  12.  Email Scripts, forms and handouts