Our free strategy sessions are more than just “free consultations”


Contact us for a free quote and project appraisal. We will provide our ideas, advice and estimates free of charge.

At Creativ Digital, we provide a free initial strategy session to anyone in need of our digital marketing services. 

Let’s show you how you can leverage your digital marketing strategies to attract more customers, nurture relationships and convert them into loyal clients and raving fans. Our goal is to empower and offer key strategies and tactics which you can implement straight after our call!

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What to expect:

Step 1 - Your story is important

The first step to fixing a problem is divulging it.

The initial consultation is very important as we get to listen to what you have to say and share. We believe in partnering with our clients for success, and we value long-term partnerships. That is why our digital marketing experts will ask you some key questions so we get to know each other. Understanding and assessing your needs and expectations are the first step to seeing if we are the right fit for your business.

This might sound simple but in reality, it’s not always easy to get a thorough understanding of a business and the things that keep you awake at night. At Creativ Digital, our approach is partnership and we run each project down to the last detail. We will fully understand the specifics of your business, address your unique goals and challenges and understand the ideal customers you are targeting.

Every business is unique and each market is different. The story behind your business is very important in determining our strategy.

Step 2 - Success roadmap

This is where our customised formula begins to take effect. Based on our discussion, we will conduct a free audit of your digital marketing performance. We will be outlining a marketing plan customised specifically for your business, but based on our proven success methods. The customised digital marketing roadmap will bridge the gap between where you’re at and where your business is heading to. We will take you through different scenarios of what can happen and discuss what your business goals are.

Step 3 - Deep review of traffic

We’ll conduct a website traffic analysis. We’ll use analytic data to examine areas of improvement and untapped opportunities where we can increase your digital marketing returns on investment.

Step 4 - Unique strategy for your business

We will be sharing with you a strategic plan of action on how we will optimise your sales opportunities, increase your leads and put your business above your competitors. You will be getting a customised breakdown of our automated growth system for businesses, tailored to your business situation and objectives.

A lot of digital marketing agencies like to keep things secret, but that’s not how we do things. We’ll let you know about the project style of our agency so you’ll have a better picture on how we can help you with your digital transformation. We believe in transparency and will provide you a breakdown of how to get your marketing in check, and help you grow past your current limitations.

Once you decide to work with Creativ Digital, our tailored plan starts immediately. You’ll receive a timeline from us to keep the projects moving ahead swiftly. We will also provide you all the necessary tools to get the job done and an estimate of the costs involved.

You really want to do this?

Before you hop on a call for a free strategy session, you must understand that this is not for everybody. This is only limited to people who are serious about setting up their business for sustainable success and willing to invest to scale their business. 

It is also important to note that our free strategy session is absolutely, no strings attached. Our marketing strategy session is a no-obligation call for you to work with us. Whether you decide to work with us or not, you will always get the information you need from us at no cost to you.

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This is a free service because every single project that we do takes a lot of expertise and effort to achieve their highest potential. That’s why we are selective about which projects and clients we take on. We make sure to only work with clients who can deliver real and measurable results. We’re a big advocate of sustainability and continuity in clients that we work for. 

We don’t cut corners and we get things right. You will always get the best quality and value. Our free strategy session can provide you the perspective and guidance you need to get to clarity, as well as an actionable plan. It’s up to you to implement that plan after the call. 

Our goal is to do all the heavy-lifting and technical stuff behind the scenes. This way, you will focus on running the business rather than putting your effort in time-consuming tasks that could perfectly be outsourced to seasoned professionals. If you want a leveraged business wherein you grow massively, we need your dedication and commitment.  It’s absolutely essential where you earn the most for the least effort.  We’re here to help you earn more whilst working less so that you keep moving forward. 

If you want our team to set up your content, graphic design, brand, technical aspects, market research or paid ads, then schedule a free strategy session with us to get you started!

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