Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Websites are being registered by the thousand every day.  With this immense increase, drowning in the sea of websites may happen to you.  Save your website from this fate.  Get known despite the millions of websites available online.  One sure way of getting easily recognised is through securing a domain name.  Take heed.  More and more websites are getting their domain names registered.  Take advantage of a domain name registration service now before all the good names are snatched up.

Choose a catchy domain name.  Coming up with the perfect domain name for your website is essential.  You must remember that a domain name will be the first step in establishing your brand online.  Your domain name can contain a keyword about what you do.  This will help increase your search engine ranking.  Also, choose a domain name that is both catchy and short.  This will help your customers to remember your site easier.  A strong branding in a domain name can be preferred over keywords as it is more easily remembered offline also.

Go ahead and register multiple domain names.  Registering multiple domain names is a common web practice.  Multiple domain names can increase your search engine ranking in leaps and bounds. Avoid the additional cost of managing multiple websites for all your domain names.  You can make use of domain forwarding to redirect all your domains to a single, active website.

Sign up with a dependable domain registrar.  Make sure that you have a reliable partner in registering your domain name.  Creative Marketing can assist you with this goal.   We can help you come up with the perfect domain names that will appeal not only to Australian customers but also worldwide.  Creative Marketing also values your privacy.  In registering your domain name, you will be required to divulge information that will be stored in a database.  We understand that you may not want to make some of these information public.  Creative Marketing, therefore, can help you make your domain registration private.  Aside from protecting your privacy, Creative Marketing can also help you lock and secure your domain against hackers and other vicious software that may harm your website.

Creative Marketing’s goal is simple. We commit to providing quality and safe domain registration to all our clients.