You have a wordpress site and want it to rank better in google searches.‚ Here’s a few tips to get you started.‚‚ I will use the example of an architects website.

The way to start is to install all-in-one-SEO-pack for wordpress.‚ This allows you to edit Page titles and the url address.‚ Follow this tutorial which will get you started.

The way to name pages is using about 6 words including: category keywords, general keywords, specific keywords.‚ It is best if it is a meaningful title and every page must have a different title.‚ Using the architects website example. Make the topic general to the project something like “commercial architecture project, service station” so the general terms are emphasized.

Now if this works you’ll start to get some visitors for those key terms, then you’ll be asking how do i get the visitors to contact me.‚ This is also known as conversions of your visitors to inquiries.‚ Some suggestions to increase the number of contacts
– Display phone number at the bottom of the sidebar on every page.
– Display a button that stands out on every page “get a quote” or “ask us
now” that should link to a contact form. I do think contact forms are
preferred as a user does not have to open their email client.
– A call to action of any type, this is a good example for an architect contact form it provides an obvious contact method and result.
– Say you had 300 visitors in the month so 3 contacts would be average, 1 in
100 visitors. but there must be a reason for them to make the contact.

Following these tips should help increase traffic and inquires and make more business.

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