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For those who are still considering creating websites, they may need some pointers on how to develop and design their websites. Generally, you should pay attention to planning and on the website design.


For whatever reasons you are putting up websites, it is good to know some useful pointers in website design. Web development in Australia is a sure hit these days. It has also been predicted that more people and businesses will continue to create websites in 2014. And for those who have their websites created, may be these pointers can help you check to keep your websites running smoothly and properly.

 Take some time on research about website design methods. Determine and plan your niche so that you will be able to identify your target audience. One of the main objectives of developing websites is to draw particular clusters of people – globally. This will make all your effort in creating websites more efficient and meaningful.

Make your website easy to navigate. Web navigation is considered as the backbone of the website, and therefore, develop simple web design that is easy to navigate from one section to another. Too complex interface confuse many people and leave these types of websites before they even read a single sentence.

Avoid too much extravagant multimedia on your website. Multimedia and flashy images may look very attractive to you but not to most of your visitors. They may find it hard to look for the information they want from your site. Take note also that even in this advance technology, not all computers are compatible with flashy devices.

Keep your images or photos in a small size files. Very big images will make your web page load very slowly and visitors are impatient enough to hold on. There are free and cheap graphic programs online that will help you optimise your graphics before loading them to your site.

Choose simple colours as background to your website. Make sure that with that background colour, texts will be easy for the eyes and easy to read. If you are planning to have a professional tone on your site, with background is ideal. Complicated background may turn off potential visitors and leave your site right away. Website design is not a contest, it is putting the right perspectives to your site so that it is readable and easy to access. Simplicity is beauty, so they say.

Do away with meaningless words or scripts. Date and time scripts usually do not have any purpose and they are using Javascript. This system adds more kilobytes to the file size of your web page. Without these scripts, you can save more space on your homepage for more important content.

Add quality links to your homepage on every web page of your site. This will assist your visitors navigate your website. Links also help easy visibility of your site, so that they can return to where they started. Without page link, visitors get frustrated and leave your website.

Use mobile technology to access your websites. But keep your designs simple. When you have flashy and too much graphics as well as complex menus on your site, they may not be compatible to mobile platforms. Again, keep your website clean and simple if you are planning to use mobile technology.

Decide on your web host cautiously. There are web hosts that require you to install their pop-ups (which are usually meaningless to your site) and others force you to link your site to them. Check and test their performance with the use of tools you can find online. Avoid web hosts that are always slow and loud.

Check and test your site on different web browsers. Take note that each browser sees websites differently. This can affect your users’ experience. You can try many resources to check your site so that you will be able to determine which browsers are famous.

So, you see, website design does not mean just creating your website on however you want it to be. There has to be some principles and process to follow so that your site will run smoothly and draw more visitors into it.

Do you feel you still have some inquiries regarding website design?

Creativ Digital is a Sydney-based company that caters to the web development and website design of individuals and companies. It has competent and experienced web developers and web designers who offer quality websites and help brands to grow in Australia. While we allow you to plan for your website according to your goals, we shall be your partners in directing creatively those plans into a more efficient performance of your website. You can send us email or call through 1 300 055 867 for free consultation.

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