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Top Website Design Mistakes that Make Customers Leave

Website design can convert visits into sales or it can make your customers leave your site. Learn how you can make them stay and make action.

Are your visitors keep on leaving your website just few seconds before they view the entire webpage? There are many reasons why customers leave your site and one of these is the type of web design. This is why if you are planning to build a website for your business. It will help a lot if you sit back and think the way your target customers think. Remember, that before you become an entrepreneur, you were once a customer yourself. Think thoroughly what attracts you most in a website that makes you click to make an action. Once you have identified these factors, it will be easy for you to plan and build your website.

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The following are usually the flaws you should avoid in planning and building websites:

  • Glitzy or flashy website may temporarily attract and entertain visitors. However, when reading or sharing a message becomes too flashy with bubbly images and too many moving parts, readers may start to be confused. So, rather than taking too much time in thinking about the message in the content and the images, they leave the website. Images can attract attention but use only images that generate relevance to your target audience. Minimise the use of moving graphics and texts.


  • Redundant information may turn off your customers. Customers do not care about the quantity of the blogs or articles that you have on your website. What they are looking are information relevant to their needs and requirements. So write and post significant information that is meaningful to your target audience. Make your blogs engaging where they are motivated to share their experience and thoughts.


  • Website designs that are difficult to access and too much of a clutter. Your visitors want websites that are easy to access and to read. Thus, avoid using dark background and fonts. If your visitors find your website confusing and giving their eyes strain, they will leave your site immediately. Avoid using heavy text and long paragraphs. It is advisable to break your paragraphs and leave plenty of white space. It will look nice and clean and visitors may stay longer on your site.

Too much promotions and ads also discourage visitors go on further your website. They will be confused on where to     concentrate. Visitors come to your site, expecting to read about your product which interests them. When the customer becomes confused about your products and other ads, they not stay.

  • Absence of lack of contact details about you and your company may dampen the interest of your visitors and leave your website. There are customers who may have concerns and questions about your products and if they cannot see any contact information, they will leave your site and find other websites where they can do business. Be sure that your visitors can contact you or your staff even if you are offline.

Without contact information, customers may also think you are a scammer or fake. Be sure you have you phone number, email address, and much better a map to show you are real and your business is legitimate.

  • Website designs with too much graphics and big images are slow to load. Take note that not all your customers have to newest machine. This may turn off your customers and leave your site. Keep your website simple yet attractive.


  • Check on the system and browsers before launching your website. Most of the customers use their mobile gadgets and tablets to visit websites. Make sure that your site can be compatible with these devices.


There are reliable web development companies with experienced web developers who can assist you. They will make sure that everything in your website is performing well before launching it. They can guide you on the right web design for your business goals.

Do you know of any website that has some “mistakes” that turn you off and leave the site? Share your thoughts and opinion or you may leave some recommendations so that we know your thoughts and learn from it.

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