Web Design Solutions: Free and DIY Tools – a how to guide

Web Design Solutions: Free and DIY Tools –  a how to guide

          Here’s one thing that’s easier to predict than the weather – the speed by which the worldwide web is shaping the way we do business.  Thousands of businesses are building their website designs each day and before long, all sales and deals will be made over the internet.  Heck, even small home-based businesses have a small if not a solid presence online!  As more and more businesses set out to conquer the ecommerce website scene, Australian businesses are not far behind.  But before you start building your own website, here are a few things that could help you get started.

Web Design cost should be considered. Building a website can be costly.  Although the benefits of having your own website can be great, you may not also like to put such a great hole in your business’ finances just to build one.  Don’t despair! There are a few options that can help you get your own website design at the cost you can easily afford.

  • Look for minimal cost to free options online – The world wide web is a gold mine itself for ways to build websites at minimal cost and even for free.  There are current joint offerings (between Google and MYOB for instance) that are free and will allow you to create your own website.  However, things like these always have drawbacks.  The most common of which is that you won’t have your own domain name and your website may also be restricted.  Still, this is better than nothing and could be a good place to start.
  • Go DIY – If you have plenty of free time on your hands and also have a background on website designing (or has a great interest to learn), then why not go DIY?  Do-It-Yourself website design kits like WordPress can help you get started and is a good option for small and home-based businesses.  Be prepared to create your own content and organise your own pages.  You can also arrange your own domain registration and domain hosting.  What’s great with DIY is that you can have maximum control over how your website looks and what it contains.  You can also edit and update the pages anytime.
  • Go all the way and get a customised website – If you would like to create a truly professional website complete with all the works, then, hire a website design expert.  This will cost your business a thousand bucks at the very least but will also be worth the investment.  There is more to going online than just building a website and this is something an expert can help you with.  Go online and start looking for custom website design companies that can give you a good deal.

There are a whole load of things you would also need to consider before building a website.  Remember, your website will represent your company and your brand online to millions of people so you really need to create the right impression.  Don’t stop with the design and graphics.  Think big and also consider your web articles or content.  What messages would you like to communicate to your target clients?  How will you catch their attention long enough to get them to browse your products and add stuff or two in their cart?  Can you update and edit your website pages yourself?  How will you measure your website’s performance?  Really, building a website is not something you should take lightly. Take a reasonable time to work things out. Remember, it’s always better to be prepared.

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