Video: How To Give Web Design Feedback using Fireshot

How To Give Web Design Feedback using Fireshot

This is a short guide How To Give Web Design Feedback using Fireshot extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Working with web designers and graphic designers sometimes can be hard to explain exactly what we want done, this short video guide makes the task easy.

Even when chatting on the phone or in person it can be challenging to describe in words exactly the adjustments we would like to see on a web page or graphic design.  However if we can quickly grab an image of the page and make a note directly on the page it spells it out without a doubt and because it is in a documented format we can always send it again if the change is missed.

A good tip if we want to comment on a static graphic image, we can drag that image from our desktop and into the browser.  When displayed in the browser we can follow the same process to make comments.

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