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Top 3 Web Host Providers for WordPress

Well-designed website is not enough to launch your website using WordPress; you need to pick the right web host to jumpstart your Australian ecommerce site.

web host

So you and your website are ready to go online. You have your content in place, photos in the right angles, short video to attract visitors, and relevant blogs are ready.  Now, it is time for you to choose the right web host that can provide you with the right bandwidth, tools, storage, and support in running your website.

What to Look for

Technical Requirements

Bandwidth and Disk Space – Before choosing a web host, you need to determine the needs of your disk space and bandwidth.  If your site is loaded with pages, plenty of images and graphics, and you are drawing good number of traffic, you will need generous amount of disk space and bandwidth. There are a lot of unlimited plans available.

If you will be running a simple website and it is not getting a lot of traffic, you will need a smaller quantity of disk space and bandwidth.

OS Compatibility – Switching from one web hosts to another is not comfortable. Therefore, check OS compatibility before selecting a web host.

Reliability – Most of web hosting agencies offer “complete availability” or  “Uptime.” Be certain that they are true to their “promises” by checking on their projects and reviews from customers.

Security Features – Be sure they have these important technical features, including backups, user authentication, and firewalls. Receiving notifications alerting you of some suspicious movements are great help.

Value and Pricing

Best web hosts are those that offer alternatives for your budget. There are some instances that you may need to sign up for longer subscriptions to qualify you to some discounts. Consider and weigh these factors.

You may think to select a web host that is ideal for the present needs of your website. With some luck with your online ventures, you may need to expand your website and your requirements may change. Does that mean you need to change a web host when this happen?  It can be stressful to change web host every time your needs change. Find the right one with scalable plans. This means that when you need to change or upgrade your web hosting plan, that web host has one for you. Take note that low price is always attractive but when this means that your requirements for bandwidth and disk space is limited, then, that web host is not worth considering.

Try to check if email accounts are also available. Generally, web hosts have costly plans that include multiple email addresses. Be sure, you know your needs and you know your goals.

Customer and Support Services

Whether you are a newbie or a wizard on any online task, there will be times that you will need the technical support and customer services of your web host provider. These support and customer services can be in the form of telephone, live chat, and email address.

Before choosing a web host provider, check their policies and see if they offer a money-back guarantee in case you are unhappy with their product and services.

When you have made a shortlist of the web host providers, search on reviews given by real customers and companies. When you have you done some checking on reviews, you will be able to have an idea how a web hosts treat their clients.

Top Three Web Hosts in Australia

1. Dreamhost  is one of the most famous and chosen web host in Australia. It offers standard shared plans from $8.95 every month with server plans that come in bigger bandwidth. This web host provider is known for its added features such as “one-click” installation for blogs and gallery software that makes your site runs well and quickly. Some available plans offer unrestricted email accounts, bandwidth, and databases. It also has support features for Google apps. Visit http://www.dreamhost.com/ to check on their available plans.

2. iPage offers affordable plans with as low as $1.00 monthly (special promo), you will enjoy unrestricted bandwidth, disk space, and email accounts. It has control panel that includes tools where you can create, regulate and maintain, and manage the site. Site-building tools utilize “drag-and-drop features which is included in the plans. You can also edit and delete contents in one click. You can build your WordPress in one click within two minutes. It has support and customer services which you can reach through telephone and live chat any time. Go to http://www.ipage.com/ to see their plans.

3. Bluehost has shared hosting plans for as low as $4.95 per month. It offer unrestricted bandwidth, disk space, file transfer, and email accounts. It also offers free domain registration. Its basic plans include limitless domains, e commerce features and tools, and a “one-click” WordPress installation. The company offers money-back guarantee for clients who are unhappy with their products. Check its official website http://www.bluehost.com/ to view its hosting plans.

Do you have any experience with web host providers? Share your experience with us or you can ask question about the topic. We will be happy to hear from you.


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