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Web Content is Part of the Design Getting a website online is an important and crucial step for modern businesses – too many people use the internet for online research, and making sure that site is attractive and professional is just as important, so getting professional help from a skilled web designer makes sense. However, there...
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What's Included in My Design
What’s Included in My Design? When looking for a good web designer (or any other professional service really), the price is important for your bottom line but should not be the key criteria in your selection process.  Cheapest is sometimes just cheap, while the pricey options are not always good value – so how can...
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6 Crafty Strategies To Get Your Visitors More Engaged
6 Crafty Strategies To Get Your Visitors More Engaged Do you know what makes me most happy? It’s an email by someone who tells me how much they like an article or software I’ve written and published on some of my sites. Oh, well, profits make me happy too. And somehow they are “magically” connected...
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Make Design Fit Content
Make Design Fit Content Why should you website design fit with the blog content? Getting started with your own blog or website can be both fun and tiresome, exciting and trying all at the same time. A common mistake that many people make when getting the basics down for a personal or business blog or...
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how to get creative whenever you want to
4 Tips for Getting Creative Whenever You Want To Creativity is something that many people are born with. However, there are also other people who find a way to learn how to be creative at a later age in life. This means that while the geniuses are born, there are many ways that other people...
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10 Benefits of Web Design with Magento Commerce Are you dazed by all competing plethora of web design platforms coming up on the internet these days?  Choosing the right software for the kind of online business you plan for is downright crucial.  You can save yourself from further headache go ahead and try Magento.  Magento...
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The Importance of Web Design in Online Marketing
The Importance of Quality Web Design in Online Marketing If you want to start an online business, then web design will be very important to you. Now, it is true that the best way to earn money online would be by starting a website that promotes your personal products or the products of those who...
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one page website
Top Tips For Creating A One Page Website One-page websites have proved the critics wrong and have continued to be used more frequently.  If you are considering creating a one-page website though, there are a few things that you should consider first, so here are some top tips to get you started: Get To The...
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Re-Design or Re-Align? How Best to Fix Your Website
Re-Design or Re-Align? How Best to Fix Your Website When websites are coming to the end of their practical life in terms of design, those who own them are left with two decisions: either to re-design or to tweak the existing look of the site. This presents business owners with an incredibly important decision which...
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cms web design
CMS Web Design: Learning the Factors that Matter in CMS Selection In the last few years CMS web development has emerged as the popular choice among a majority of web development professionals. There are several reasons for it. These open source apps are easy to use, reduce web development time and offer plenty of customization...
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Ask Other Site Owners – Website Design Buyers Guide Series
Ask Other Site Owners – Website Design Buyers Guide Series In this series we are providing a buyer’s guide to web design services. To give a more balanced range of advice we have accepted contributions from business owners with experience in buying web design services. In future series we will also cover SEO Services and...
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