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Email Direct Marketing EDM vs. Social Media to Gain Customers In today’s advanced tech world, social media is the answer to everything. Many believe it’s the most innovative way to advertise and market a business. A very small amount still has faith in email marketing. Social media is the way of the future – there’s...
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SEO-and-Social Media
Create And Share Social Media To Build Backlinks Recent Google updates have seen the link building and SEO industry evolve once again. Social media and social networking websites present website owners with excellent opportunities to promote their own website and pages. Such opportunities not only help improve exposure and authority but also develop SEO links....
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3 Straightforward Ways Local Businesses Can Boost Online Visibility For local businesses struggling to adapt in the digital age, reaching customers online can seem like a daunting task.  Often, small local businesses don’t have the resources to hire a digital marketing professional, but are faced with the reality that – in an age where Google...
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accentuate your involvement in facebook icon
16 Surefire Methods to Accentuate Your Involvement in Facebook There’s no business these days that wouldn’t want to take advantage of the enormous benefits of social media marketing using Facebook.  Many would pursue social media tasks everyday and contrive to increase their social media engagements with their followers while at the same time actively inviting...
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Can Pinterest Be Utilised for Affiliate Marketing?
Can Pinterest Be Utilised for Affiliate Marketing The hot-topic of this season on almost every affiliate forum is Pinterest.  This social networking and photo-sharing site has exploded in popularity, and is perhaps the only major social networking site which is has an almost exclusively female audience.  Pinterest is an aspirational social network. Users go there...
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7 Ways to Get More Out of Pinterest
7 Ways to Get More Out of Pinterest Over the last few months Pinterest has been the golden boy (or girl) of social media. Essentially it is an online gallery that allows you to post pictures of your favorite products and share them with friends. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, there’s no...
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Quit Social Media and Do Something Useful Did you just start your day checking on your Twitter, Facebook, email, text messages?  Before you can get a splash to your face when you rise up in the morning to prepare for a day’s work, did you find yourself answering to tweets first, sending messages with your...
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Social Media: Not Just For Friendships Anymore Social media may be the most important marketing tool available in the 21st century. As people get better at tuning out advertising messages, they turn to trusted family and friends for recommendations. Google and the other search engines have been watching the rise of social media and assigning...
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Social Media 101 – How to Get Started in Social Media Marketing If there’s a quicker way for anyone to be informed with the latest news and events happening within his or her social circle today, then that would be through “social media.”  For those who are prowling for opportunities to promote their businesses online,...
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Social Media and SEO: A Match Made in Heaven Why would you do SEO without leveraging social media?  The two approaches are so interlinked.  Implementing SEO programs without leveraging the content distribution and linking benefits of social web participation makes link building for SEO an uphill battle. The nature of the social web encourages participation:...
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Online Marketer Boot-Camp is back in Sydney incl Search Engine Optimisation 101 Check out this most recent promo for this years boot camp in sydney.     Boot-Camp is back in Sydney for 2011 and it’s better than ever. Last November in Melbourne we officially retired our tried and trusted Search Engine Boot-Camp product that...
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