SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way of increasing a website’s search rankings, making a website easily searchable in the process. One of the many ways to increase a website’s ranking is by containing words or phrases a person will type in search engines. The more searchable a website gets, the more profitable it...
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Web Design Sydney
Repairing Erroneous Web Designs When things seem to be wrong with your web designs, it is good to know basic ways  to fix some erroneous web designs. Websites are dynamic  because they connect you to the world. Because of this,  your web designs should be attractive. Whether your business is a small or a big...
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Website Design:  From Past to Present Musing over the past 20 years or so, the world hardly recognized and appreciated the internet.  Now it has become an integral part of every person’s daily living. The internet’s possible application doesn’t stop at catering a search for a nice food recipe, or providing information on how-to-do list,...
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Seven Useful Web Development Tips & Tools for Cross-Compatibility
Seven Useful #web development Tips & Tools for Cross-Compatibility Many people consider the web development thing as a piece of cake. However, the fact is many times it becomes a daunting experience. A web designer has to test the web page a number of times after coding with different popular browsers. It is important to...
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