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SSL certificate
There might be an instance wherein you encountered the message- ‘your connection to the site is not fully secure’ while browsing websites. You would also possibly notice that some URLs start with http:/ while others start with https://. As the owner of your website, you’ll want to ensure that you implement this feature to outrank...
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Selling your products online is easier nowadays and almost anybody can have a website up and running in a couple of hours with the help of eCommerce platforms. However, if you’re new to website creation or even online selling it can be hard to tell which type of eCommerce solution is right for your needs....
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Ready to start building the website for your business? Before you dive in headfirst into the world of web design, you may first want to take note of these factors that you should consider in building an effective and functioning site.   Mobile Responsiveness Did you know that mobile web browsing has already overtaken desktop...
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Web Design Sydney
Top Website Design Mistakes that Make Customers Leave Website design can convert visits into sales or it can make your customers leave your site. Learn how you can make them stay and make action. Are your visitors keep on leaving your website just few seconds before they view the entire webpage? There are many reasons...
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Where Should a Business Start in Building a Website?
Where Should a Business Start in Building a Website? 1. Identify the Purpose(s) of the site Not all businesses have the same goal. Some businesses need website to establish their presence in the internet and enhance their company’s professional image. Others want to extend their advertising and promote their products and services, while others want...
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Why Companies Need Websites
Why Companies Need Websites A lot of companies even in the year 2011 are still wondering if they really need a website. Some think that websites are only for the large multi-national companies that are well known whilst some believe that any company needs a website to survive the today competitive market, regardless of its...
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Domain Name
Solid #domain name that Fosters Success On the #internet, a company’s brand becomes synonymous with its domain name.  Therefore, your domain name can either help of hurt your online business. The domain used directly influences how a company is viewed by both users, who are human, and search engines, which are run by computers.  Therefore,...
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