Strategic SEO Keyword Targeting

An Easy Approach to get More Traffic

Strategic SEO Keyword TargetingOften times when website owners or SEOs embark on new internet marketing campaigns they make the fatal flaw of going after the largest keywords in their respective niche. While this may initially seem like a good idea because of the sheer amount of traffic that a broad keyword receives, it can end up being detrimental to a site’s long term success.

Sometimes bigger pieces of a small pie are better than crumbs of a large pie. For a more fruitful search engine optimisation or PPC campaign try going after less competitive keywords that fit your brand more exactly. For instance, instead of “Men’s Shoes” a more targeted keyword would be “men’s black dress shoes”

With this approach you achieve ideal rankings more quickly and move on to other targeted keywords. Building up a cache of smaller keywords where you rank highly will spread your reach and also help you increase your rankings in the more broad categories simultaneously.

You can spend months or even years working on the same highly competitive keyword only to end up slightly better than where you started. We have seen this happen time and time again first hand. With a targeted approach you will be increasing your traffic while targeting more ideal consumers which will most usually result in a higher conversion rate.

The 18-10-7-5 Rule

Generally speaking, this is the rule for the click through percentages in the search engine page results. Meaning that, for a given search term those are the percentage amounts of traffic you can expect to receive for a specific search term.

So, say for a certain search term receives 20,000 searches a month, simply multiply 20,000 by .18, .10, .07 and.05 to get an estimate of what the top 4 results get for that term.

Obviously, this is just an estimate but it should provide you with some idea of how potentially beneficial ranking highly for each query is. Also, this rule shows that ranking below the 4th result does not provide much traffic. After the fourth result research has shown that the click throughs begin to taper off at about the same rate with anything below the 10th result getting little to no traffic.

Do the Math

Let’s say for instance that in 2 weeks through your link building and SEO prowess that you could either rank 2nd for a niche specific keyword getting 5,000 monthly hits or by some miracle you can rank 20th for a broader match getting around 200,000 monthly searches.

5,000 * .10 = ~500/monthly visitors from that keyword

200,000 * .006 = ~200/monthly visitors from that keyword

Another thing to take into consideration is that after receiving high rankings for a given keyword you are probably going to move on to the next targeted keyword you had in mind. Whereas if you are going after the broader keyword you are most likely going to keep working on that keyword until you get the ranking that you want.

So, instead of continuing to build rankings and traffic across several highly converting keywords you would be running in quick sand trying to get rankings for one broad match. Who knows how long it could take to get into the top 5 in a broad search. Most of the sites that rank for broad keywords are established websites that have hundreds of thoughts of pages and links. Broad matches also usually have high bounce rates and lowers conversions because searchers are usually looking for general knowledge.

As you can see, we are pretty big proponents of target keyword campaigns. With this approach you can realize month over month growth in traffic while converting at a much higher rate than a broad strategy.

Guest Author: Corey Rab is the co-founder Orlando search engine optimization and internet marketing company SEOhatch.

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