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Smackdown HTML5 vs Flash for Website Video

The need for making interactive websites has gone up substantially in the last few years. The web users do not prefer websites with static text blocks but they want animation and interactive elements in the websites.
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With broadband Internet reaching the farthest areas in the world, making media rich websites have become the need of the day. When it comes to incorporating media and interactive elements in a website, there are few alternatives to Flash website design.

Over the last decade, Adobe Flash has emerged as the most sought after tool for making interactive and media rich websites. However, it has a few flaws. It is not good for SEO and Flash support among mobile web browsers is at best, spartan. HTML 5 has appeared as a worthy alternative to Flash and it also boasts of impressive media handling capabilities.

  • Flash has commendable video handling capabilities and the nice thing is that Flash videos can be compressed without suffering significant quality loss. That explains why a lot of web developers prefer using Flash videos in the client websites. As HTML 5 acceptance is gaining ground in the industry, website design companies need to decide the technology for using videos online.

Web videos are ideal for demonstrating product capabilities or showcasing the achievements of a company. With improvements in internet speed and mobile data network, using high quality online videos is no longer a dream.

  • With Flash, it is possible to create videos with transition effects and navigation menus. However, this can be achieved with HTML 5 too. The browsers that do not support Flash, including the Safari, would benefit from HTML 5 videos.

Apart from quality issues, there are some fundamental differences between Flash and HTML 5 video for use in the websites.

  • Flash still does not come bundled with every browser. Web users often need to update their versions of Flash from time to time. If a user does not have the latest version of Flash installed in his PC, he cannot view the Flash web videos in a website. However, this is not the case with HTML 5 videos. HTML 5 is not a plug-in. The iPhone and mobile devices will support HTML 5 video.
  • The Firefox and Opera users can control HTML 5 video using keyboard shortcuts. Saving the video to the computer is also easier with HTML 5. The IE9 users will benefit from the websites that have HTML 5 video.  The browser can utilise hardware acceleration to play HTML 5 video which will reduce the stress on CPU, resulting on smoother video playback and multitasking experience for the users. It is also beneficial for the laptop users.

HTML 5 videos promise enhanced media experience for the web users over Flash video. The fact that HTML 5 is not a plug-in helps the scale weigh in its favor.

Guest Post By: Saikat Lahiri

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