Should you Use cPanel or Other Web Hosting Solutions?

Should you Use cPanel or Other Web Hosting Solutions?

The moment you launch a career, a business or a hobby as a web administrator, a reseller or an end-user website owner, you will be faced with the hurdle of deciding whether to use the renowned cPanel for your website administration or to use its alternatives. Of course, technology is both a curse and a blessing. A curse in the sense that there so many options available in the market for a single task that choosing the right solution becomes a problem. It becomes a blessing when you have reviews and discussions like this one offering you the happening facts in your area of interest. Today, an increasing number of hosting companies extend their services to offering free cPanels for their customers. It is a move which has been accepted widely owing to the undoubtedly user friendly GUI that it offers. As much as it is a welcomed idea, it is prudent to have a point of comparison for reviewing its efficiency. This leads us to the question of the day. Should you use cPanel or some other solution? For the purpose of pedants, this article will performs the formality by introducing this topic with an explanation of what a cPanel is. 

What is a cPanel 

It is a web hosting control panel based on Unix that features a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and automation tools that are designed to make web-hosting process simple. It is normally accessed via a web browser. It is designed to function as either a virtual private server or a dedicated server.

Choosing another solution as an alternative web-hosting plan to cPanel requires an informed mind that is abreast with the strengths and weaknesses of cPanel.


User-friendly Interface

cPanel features a beautiful customizable graphical user interface that is easy to navigate. All the tools are categorized according to their functionality. A detailed list of domains and sub domains is usually available on the left pane of the window. Users can also change the default theme to one that they like.

Support for a wide range of Operating systems.

A wide array of web server operating systems such as Free BSD, Redhat, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Trustix are supported by cPanel. This makes it popular among almost all the web-hosting companies. Despite its success with other web server operating systems, the developers of this solution are yet to create cPanel that can run on Mac OSX and Windows web servers.

Relatively low cost

The purchase of cPanel through a datacenter is usually very costly. Dedicated server providers like Layered Technologies, EV1 Servers and CyberWurx collaborate with cPanel allowing them access to low-cost dedicated server clients’ licenses. Furthermore, for as low as $25 per month, you can add cPanel to your server and this is way below the cost of a directly bought cPanel license.   

Availability of add-ons.

Available on cPanel are add-ons such as Fantastico and cPanel PRO. Fantastico is the most popular of them all. The add-on was developed by Netenberg and it is a great auto installer program. Within seconds, the add-on can set-up scripts from a library.  Similarly, Cpanel PRO offers great variety of add-ons such as the in-built support submission form.  

Constant updates

cPanel offers frequent software updates which are released on a daily basis. This is a sign of dedication to quality service and great customer experience. 


This web control solution seems to have two minor disadvantages. These include:

  •  The sophisticated layout

Despite offering a free tour for every new subscriber, the application has many sections that can be confusing for new users. For instance, the 12 multilayered user interfaces that is offered by most standard cPanel consists of features that require dedicated tutoring which is not achieved comprehensively by the tour offered. The sophisticated layout by extension makes the application heavy and load at a slower pace as compared to others. 

  •  Lack of business uniqueness because cPanel is commonly used

If you want a unique appearance for you business, then you might consider using other web administration platforms. Most businesses today use cPanel. Therefore, to standout with unique databases, software, security and mail features, it is worth trying alternatives to cPanel

Some other disadvantages can also arise due to lack of proper orientation of the user and limited experience.

What alternatives to cPanel are available?

Here are some of the alternatives to cPanel. Remember, it is a matter of choice. These are not necessarily the best but they can be used in place of cPanel.


This is a useful open source software that is easy to install and to use. It has a user-friendly interface and functionality. AlternC can manage large hosting services. It features web based control panels and automatic installations. Some of the web services it offers include FTP accounts, domain control, web statistics and email configuration.


A GPL greatly manages hosting services. Its scoring point is its lightweight. It frees the server from overload hence optimizing the server performance. Its CPU usage is low and it is very user friendly too.  

Cube Panel: 

It automates all the server operations hence enabling a better server functioning in terms of speed and efficiency. Faster and efficient servers greatly reduce costs for companies. It features three server level services: Admin, client and domain. Its major advantage over cPanel is that it is available for both Linux and windows operating systems. It also offers customizable features such as theme, language logo and skin.

Despite cPanel having taken over a greater part of the market, there is always the freedom to try new solutions. By the end of the day, what counts is whether you achieve your business missions with the selected web control panel or not. 

By: Kenny McIntosh

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