SEO Case Study for Renovation Company Sydney

An example of results for search engine optimisation.

The Client: Instile Renovations

The Brief: The client wanted to engage in online marketing as a source of lead generation. No website existed so the campaign was created from the ground up.


· The website and domain name were brand new so trust had to be established in search engines.

SEO Ranking Results: Page 1 ranking for keyword “renovations sydney” position 8.

The screenshot shows Google page 1 rankings.


The Website: a simple lead generation website was created.



Unpaid Search engine traffic from SEO

881 Visitors: from unpaid search over the duration of the campaign.


SEO Keyword Value Data from Adwords


KeywordCompetitionGlobal Monthly SearchesLocal Monthly SearchesApproximate CPC (AUD)
renovations sydney0.8499009900$2.95
bathroom renovations sydney0.8936003600$3.60
kitchen renovations sydney0.8616001600$3.18

This is the minimum price and bids on these keywords range up to 3 times the price.

Conclusion: The traffic from SEO was 881 over the course of the campaign.

This keyword traffic is valued at a minimum of $3,000.00 and when localised to Sydney the bidding would be much higher towards $12,000.00.

Traffic value of keyword traffic from SEO estimated at $6,000.00 to $12,000.00 based on Adwords data.

Monthly Ongoing SEO Traffic Value

One month traffic: 174 visitors from non-paid search engine traffic. All keyword traffic is localised to Sydney increasing the value of the equivalent Adwords bids.

Bidding for these keywords localised to Sydney would be around $6.00 + bringing the value of this traffic up to $1,044.00.

The ongoing monthly value of traffic delivered from SEO is $1,044.00 or greater.



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