Quote Comparisons – Website Design Buyers Guide Series

Quote Comparisons – Website Design Buyers Guide Series

In this series we are providing a buyer’s guide to web design services. To give a more balanced range of advice we have accepted contributions from business owners with experience in buying web design services. In future series we will also cover SEO Services and online marketing. We will also add our input to the guides with the prefix ED:

Name: Mark Bubner Email:
[email protected]

Comments: A lot comes down to the initial selection. Most small business owners don’t have time to do a thorough search to find a service provider that meets their needs, so they usually just speak to a few and choose the one that sounds the best. Unfortunately, often they are not.

That’s where online sourcing sites like www.iFindConsultants.com help. It allows the small business owner to say what they are looking for with the help of a quick request wizard, and then it sends the request out to registered providers who specialise in that area.

ED: Some good ideas Mark,
a good suggestion to talk to a few providers and compare what is on offer.

They can then review the responses, speak to the best 2 or 3, and choose from there knowing they’ve been out to 100’s of suppliers in the market.

But regardless of the sourcing method, they should do three things:
– Be specific about what they are trying to achieve, and ask the company to explain in detail how they’ll achieve it.
– Ask for examples of clients they have worked with and ask for referrals.
– Be clear about your budget and set up a trial period with clear goals that you both sign up for, as well as tasks that both of you need to deliver. Then hold a meeting to review the trial period and decide if you want to continue working together.

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ED: Great tips thanks Mark this should be useful for those looking to start their research.

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