Q and A with Creative Web Design Sydney

I recently applied for a local small business competition, this is a Q and A that i sent about my business Creative Web Design Sydney.

Ed: What is your business? (please describe in 100 words or less)

Scott: Empowering Business online. Providing business the tools to control their internet marketing with easy to use websites and marketing solutions.

Ed: What is your product/service? (please describe in 100 words or less)

Scott: Providing a complete internet marketing solution for business, including all services from building a website through to ranking it at the top of google searches and building loyalty with email marketing.

Ed: What is your market?

Scott: Small to Medium business with budgets for internet marketing.

Ed: What inspired you to start your business? (please describe in 100 words or less)

Scott: Talking to business owners about their websites. I was shocked by the poor service and lack of benefit that their websites were providing. To solve that problem i started the business to provide quality service with complete internet marketing to give a tangible benefit to the customer.

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