Having an effective and good web design doesn’t come easy. You have to follow the basic principles for creating an aesthetically looking and usable design. Enumerated below are some basics which can make your design pleasing, user friendly and effective for the intended audience. There are many companies which provide web designing services in various metropolitan cities across India. Just like in other cities, Web Design Services in Delhi is quite competitive and there is cut-throat competition for providing this service.


Colours are the backbone of any effective web design. A well planned colour palette can prove to be quite effective in enhancing the user experience. By using contrasting colours for the text and background, following the website becomes quite convenient for the web reader. A colour scheme should be usually always started with a base colour and the rest of the colour scheme is devised from the ground up taking that factor into consideration.

Complementary colours are effective in creating balance and add an element of harmony in the design. You can also refer to the Colour Pro Wheel and decide the colour scheme of your entire website. Care should be taken while making colour choices as each colour instigates a varied effect in the audience.

Use of White Space

White Space is a critical element in web design. White Space basically refers to the area that contain neither text nor any images. In an overcrowded design, there is no usage of white space with both text as well as image jostled and made to fit within one place. However, professional designers use white space as an element to create a balance element in the overall design. It also makes a page look more pleasing and aesthetic.

Effective Uses of Typography

Web Writing is absolutely different from Print. Therefore it is necessary to consider a web user’s preferences and their browsing habits for selecting writing styles. Always avoid long and exaggerated language. Limit the number of fonts used per page.

You should avoid using more than 3 within a page. Action oriented and to the point language encourages more users to read the contents of your website. Generally, Sans Serif fonts – fonts that are contemporary looking and do not have any decorative finishes are easier to read online. It is considered ideal to have a maximum variation of typefaces to keep your overall effect streamlined.


Images are one of the critical components of a well-planned and effective web design. Selecting the right images for your website connects you in the required way with your audience so that your website conveys the correct message for your brand. Stock photos are available widely which can be purchased to enhance the look of your website instead of going for expensive and highly professional photos. Using Videos and infographics also can be quite effective at communicating with your intended audience to position your brand.

Focusing User’s Attention

You can draw attention of your online audience to the significant parts of the website by using appropriate visual elements. This will help the users to navigate on your website from Point A to Point B without any major queries. Better ease of navigation will result in more usability and an enhanced user experience.

Mobile Friendly Site

It is now quite common to access websites from multiple devices and multiple screen sizes. Your web design should be mobile friendly or should have a responsive layout so that is adjustable. It should have the ability to be viewed easily in various devices including laptops, tablets and iPads. You can also build a separate mobile site optimised specifically for mobile phone users.

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