Mobile Web Apps – The Future of Mobile Services


Mobile Web Apps – The Future of Mobile Services

The mobile applications can be classified into native apps and web apps. Native app is basically designed for a particular operating system, be it Android, iOS or any other mobile platform. They are installed via an application store such as Google Play for Android or Apple’s App Store for Apple devices. Web apps are operated by a browser and generally written in HTML5. Users navigate to a particular URL and then install them on their home screen by forming a bookmark to that page.

Web apps written in HTML5 enabled performance at par with native apps. This gave a boost to the development of web apps. As the number of sites using HTML5 is growing, the future of web apps looks really bright.

Why web apps?

As we know that an Android app can run on an Android device and an iOS app can run on iPhone or iPad whereas apps built in web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript can reach every device in the world with some modification for different browsers and hardware and are distributed free of charge. Web apps are both cheaper and faster to develop and maintain. Also a lot of features are in accessible using native apps such as GPS, reading newspaper offline, the tap-to-call feature.

So, what is the future of web apps?

We cannot yet predict that native apps have become obsolete because there are more native apps available than web apps. But in the coming days the division between both the apps is expected to narrow down as mobile browsers get direct access to the hardware of mobile devices and the speed of browsing applications improve.

Innovation will hold the key in the future. Big business houses, financial, services all need web apps for their promotion. Therefore, would be the focus of all creativity and is surely the future of mobile services.

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