Marketing Consultants Advice – Website Design Buyers Guide Series

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Marketing Consultants Advice – Website Design Buyers Guide Series

In this series we are providing a buyer’s guide to web design services. To give a more balanced range of advice we have accepted contributions from business owners with experience in buying web design services. In future series we will also cover SEO Services and online marketing. We will also add our input to the guides with the prefix ED:

In this edition we hear advice from marketing consultant Caroline Gilroy.

Name: Caroline Gilroy Email: caroline @

Comments: Hi there

I have had the same experience now with three web design companies and despair at ever finding one that can “do it all”!

I’m pretty clued up about the user experience side of websites and look, feel and content. I just need someone to help me and my clients – I’m a business advisor for SME’s and a small business myself to develop the online presence to the brief that we provide. No rocket science required most people would think until you are locked in to a contract and realise your folly!

ED: Good point, from a customer’s perspective it should be easy. Web design is a service industry after all, so customers should be entitled to expect service.

Some promise the world and a full service but forget to tell you how much time investment it will take from your end to project manage them. Some I feel take advantage and charge a fortune due to clients lack of knowledge, I’ve been promised an open source CMS and ended up with a proprietary one, another company promised me the full SEO work up but when it came to it them went AWOL forcing me to use someone else and pay more money for the privilege!

ED: Like buying anything, good advice to be aware what you are buying. Ask lots of questions.

My advice

– Be prepared and use your networks and advice available to develop a strong brief
– realise that you will need to contribute to content and be aware that web design skill doesn’t always come with an understanding of your clients and your market
– ensure you ask questions
– if at all unsure, it is worth investing in a marketing company who can project manage the website for you, from sourcing quotes to developing the content and design through to ensuring the SEO is top notch, they should also be willing and able to hand it over for you to self-manage once it’s all up and running
– You can get a good information only website built for no more than AU$1100
– if you are being offered a website for free – it will have severe limitations on size and functionality, and will use a template that heaps of others companies will already use.

Hope these are useful, happy to provide more insights if needed.

All the best

ED: Great advice thanks Caroline. Caroline is a Marketing and Business consultant, so is familiar with buying web design services. Knowing how much time you have to contribute to the process is a good tip, some companies can consume your time making it often worth seeking out an expert.

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