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While it’s true that nearly every mobile device, smartphone or tablet can access a website or online store, that doesn’t necessarily mean that each site they visit or app they download will be completely compatible with what they’re using. As a result, user experience can drop significantly, which can ultimately impact your mobile conversions.

While implementing responsive design makes sense to increase the amount of traffic from mobile users to your site, it’s still only the beginning to having a well-built user-friendly site. Below are three ways to amp up a site to make it give visitors the best user experience.

First, here are three things to keep in mind about why having a responsive designed website is key to increasing mobile usage:

Three Reasons To Make Responsive Design Websites

1) Future Friendly
When a website transitions seamlessly from desktop to mobile, users have a much better experience and their view of the company will be much more positive. This word-of-mouth is free advertising for companies, but a bad review can definitely lower numbers. All of this depends on how the user interacts with a site while on various devices, and since there are always updates, responsive design can help a company stay ahead of technology trends.

2) Make Transactions Quicker With CTA
Now a product can be purchased at a much faster rate, thanks to visible CTA (Call To Action) buttons. Obviously not all phone screens will be the same size, and some are much smaller than others. Given the fact that 67% of users are more likely to purchase online if a site is easy to navigate, it’s important to make sure that your customers are not pinching and zooming their way throughout their entire purchasing process.

3) Social Sharing
It’s all about the social sharing, status updating, and tweeting to friends about a great company. People want to share their good experience, but if a Facebook link to a company opens up a desktop version on a mobile device, visitors will become discouraged, and a company will lose out on making new customers. Make sure screen size, orientation, and load time are all properly working when creating a responsive designed website.
So what key elements should be focused on to enhance a responsively designed site? Read on to learn more!

Three Ways to Enhance A Responsive Designed Site

Clear Value Proposition
The Clear Value Proposition (VP) is a statement that provides key information about a company that a customer will often want to know first. Frequently appearing on the top of a site, the VP briefly describes what the company does, why their brand is superior, as well as a CTA (Call-to-Action) button. Creativ Digital uses a clever VP by asking mobile site visitors if they would like a “complimentary website health check” and has a large CTA button stating “click here” that can’t be missed. By answering what they do, what they can offer, plus a CTA for the visitor to get started, Creativ Digital’s strong VP will pull in more customers.

Cut the Clutter
Long paragraphs of text become hard to read on a small, three to four inch device. Instead, post a podcast or video of the written content for mobile users. Also, make tabs that will lead visitors to vital content, such as store hours, locations, map, and a customer service number, to clear more clutter. Take Sephora’s mobile site, for example, a makeup company. The navigation tab is easy to find in the upper lefthand corner, and once touched, the contact option tab is readily available. Users don’t have to scroll at all to start shopping or find information on the company.

Pictures over Text
Photos work better on mobile devices over product description simply because they are able to convey the point faster. In addition to providing the mobile viewer with a preview of the product, and depending on the format of your mobile site, customers can also see details such as price, size, available colors, etc. People want to know quickly about items, so having to scroll through a description can turn people away.

When visiting Creativ Digital on a mobile device, the first image visible is a clipboard with tasks checked off. There is something quite satisfying with seeing items completed on a todo list. By displaying this image next to the complimentary offer for a free website checkup, visitors will be more inclined to click on the CTA button simply because they are put in a good mood.

Take the time to make a high quality responsive design website that gives users a better experience on any device. It’s more than just converting a site to fit; it’s about the seamless design and functionality of the site itself. Visitors want to have organized product information through tabs, easy-to-access contact information, beautiful high resolution photos and clear statements about what the company can offer them, all on their mobile devices. Design the site through the eyes of the user to see how to best format an exceptional responsive design site for all devices.

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