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how to get more people to like your business facebook page
How to Get More People to “Like” Your Business’ Facebook Page With the spread of social media, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses of all types to engage with customers and potential customers across different platforms. Social media is great for small businesses because it not only connects them with people, but also gives them...
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Social Media: Not Just For Friendships Anymore Social media may be the most important marketing tool available in the 21st century. As people get better at tuning out advertising messages, they turn to trusted family and friends for recommendations. Google and the other search engines have been watching the rise of social media and assigning...
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Top Five Tips for Succeeding in Ecommerce
Top Five Tips for Succeeding in Ecommerce Needless to say, ecommerce is very competitive. Unlike opening a shop on the high street, wherein you’re able to choose a location away from your competition, when you open up online, you’re instantly up against every other ecommerce site in your industry. Here are five top tips to...
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Social Media 101 – How to Get Started in Social Media Marketing If there’s a quicker way for anyone to be informed with the latest news and events happening within his or her social circle today, then that would be through “social media.”  For those who are prowling for opportunities to promote their businesses online,...
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Social Media and SEO: A Match Made in Heaven Why would you do SEO without leveraging social media?  The two approaches are so interlinked.  Implementing SEO programs without leveraging the content distribution and linking benefits of social web participation makes link building for SEO an uphill battle. The nature of the social web encourages participation:...
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