Mobile Marketing

There are many successful app owners who have spent nothing to minimum to promote their app and make it successful. Among them, many made use of press publicity, while some generated a lot of buzz on social media. Spending on app promotion definitely requires a lot of financial effort. But there are many easy ways...
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user experience
Just as other great revolutions in the past, the mobile revolution has brought about a whole new mindset. Mobile these days is not just a mere device, but a way of thinking in itself. Thanks to this, the world has now become a more connected place. People can now connect easily via social networks, interact...
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Important Guidelines in Building Your #mobile website The rapidly advancing mobile technology has found its way to the internet prompting the proliferation of mobile website.  Most business establishments today are compelled to make their own mobile website to take advantage of the modern day trend that’s dominating the worldwide market.  But before starting your very...
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5 Essential Website Features You Can’t Afford to Lose Part of your website production plan is to determine what features you need to include to make your website work for you. In today’s topic we are going to identify the 5 essential website features you can’t afford to lose. Though it may take time to...
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How to Design Ergonomic Mobile Websites? Now that we’re in the middle of the mobile era, most businesses are looking forward to create mobile websites to suit the needs of users of smart phones, tables and net books. In line with this, promoting businesses through mobile websites creates a difference in terms of usability, navigation and overall...
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mobile marketing
Why Is My Mobile Marketing Campaign Not Working? Many online businessmen and women often ask the same question – yeah, so people are buying things from their phones now.  I get it. But if I already have a search engine optimization program in place, why does it need to change for the mobile efforts of my...
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