Improving Customer Relations through Mobile Applications

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Just as other great revolutions in the past, the mobile revolution has brought about a whole new mindset. Mobile these days is not just a mere device, but a way of thinking in itself. Thanks to this, the world has now become a more connected place. People can now connect easily via social networks, interact with brands on the fly and enjoy an enhanced user experience through mobile applications. But ever wondered how this digital connectivity has impacted the relationship between the brands and its customers?

By enabling people to interact with businesses 24/7, mobile devices have transformed how customers engage with brands, allowing companies an extraordinary opportunity to revamp customer care and treasure old customers, while still netting the new ones.

Just as business owners will confirm, loyal customers are as precious as gold.

As any business owner will confirm, loyal customers are as precious as gold. As a consequence, particularly for small businesses, success banks on the ability to provide customers an enhanced user experience that in the long haul will transform them into your brand advocates.

Below are highlighted some tips to improve customer service through mobile technologies.

Being Approachable

The power of mobile creates a bridge between the physical and digital experience, therefore shortening the distance between a brand and its customers.

It is believed that no matter how rich in information your application is, your customers will always appreciate the real-time opportunity to interact with your brand and receive real-time support with their issues, with a remarkable impact on their overall sentiment towards your business.

Researches tell that when customers have different means of communication accessible from their smart devices, they are more likely to visit you again. Therefore, a business in today’s time must realize the significance of ‘being reachable’ to its users. Happy customers will always refer you to their family and friends stating how easy it was to interact with you or the concerned executive from your team.

With the mobile app development, brands are now being proactive as customers can now quickly receive messages/ notifications about the newly launched products/ services, about the special offers and promotions and hence can check them as early as they can.

In-App Feedback

One of the most important touch points of customer engagement is to ask for their opinion. After all who doesn’t like to be valued?

Asking the users for their opinion for your products, services and functionality of the app has a direct effect on their emotions. This makes them feel that you are listening to them which further proves to be an advantage for your business.

Smart devices are quick devices to engage customers and take their feedback through in-app feedback forms. The precious feedback received by the app owners can quickly be executed in addressing the needs of the customers. So, when the next time the customer visits your app and finds that their recommendation has been imposed, they will trust you more and return accordingly.

Additional Services

Customers love being intrigued with services and offers. They’d like your products but always expect something new. Integration is one important way of making the user’s life easy.

These additional services are loved only when they come handy. Since, a human being always has his smart phone with him, it is best to target through an app. For example, if yours is a store locator app, you can assimilate it with a taxi booking app and provide your users the ease of hiring a taxi to reach the desired store they picked from the same platform. This obligates them to return back to your app again and again.

Furthermore, you can connect with more users by providing services like a route locater, a discount calculator, budget planner or something of the sort. This way even if the customers don’t use your core services, they will access your app indirectly.

Likewise, you can also add in a few entertaining features like puzzles and quizzes related to your app, giving them different names for playing different stages and promoting them to a ‘star rating’. This will surely drive them to revisit the app to see their updated rating and advancement to the next grade.

Know Your Customers Better

A mobile phone is the most widely owned and most frequently used device in a day, and also opens the most secret doors to reach customer desires and inclination with the mobile app development. Better than ever before, you can know the tastes and desires of your customers in depth.
So, by tracking the preferences of the user and then showing them what they love to see on your app, you can move forward with a personalized business strategy. Mobile user analytics can help you do this.

Envisage yourself as a regular shoe buyer from an online store. What if the moment you sign in to the app, you get to a beam of all the newest styles? Won’t you be pleased? You will want to scroll up and down and to and fro and looking through the whole collection. This is what happens with your customers. As soon as you know what your potential users may like, you have already reached the half of the hierarchy. You would now know which actions to be taken and which ones to be avoided, considering the likes and dislikes of the customers. This strikes a chord and the app can work the best here.

Distribute Qualified Content

The present world is the world of kindles and digital books. And all users, from all backgrounds and of all age groups want to be aware of what’s happening around the world and what’s new in their field of interest. They are fond of reading, enhancing their knowledge but at their convenience.

Your mobile application can be a good source of information to your users. Even if it’s a business or retail app, qualified content can make you reach audiences globally. Take an advantage of your app and you can distribute insightful content through podcasts, feeds, videos and infographics by sharing them on weekly or fortnightly basis. This allows them to participate in your business in more than one way and hence give them a new reason to come back to your app and make a buzz in their circle.

Ideal Offerings

With the rise in the number of informed users, it is time to rise up to the user’s expectations by nailing it at the right time, right place and with the right strategy.

For all the non-mobile groups, your competitors are already in the race to catch hold of them. yet you can start your business with a mobile, as it is the thing businesses need at the beginning, and not after establishment.


All in all, mobile app projects are persistent and are transforming business processes as faster as ever before. Your business, irrespective of being a small or medium-level enterprise, must embrace a mobile strategy to stay more connected to the consumers since mobile apps are essential for a true digital transformation.
For any assistance to turn your app idea into reality, it is vital that you create a customer-centric application with an engaging design and create a memorable bonding experience for your customers.

Author Bio:
Prince Bansal is a young, energetic and quality oriented Digital Marketing professional at Seasia Infotech and is known for his immense knowledge for marketing strategies. He often writes about mobile development, technology, and business-related topics.

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