How to End The Dead-Level of WordPress Themes

Everyone’s sharing everything these days, and that’s great. There are two ways of sharing: blogs and social media. This article is about blogs, so do you have something to share?

Start your own blog and make it a good source of additional or primary income. But let’s get down to business without wasting your time.

So, you need a blog, what’s next?

  • use WordPress as a platform (alternative from the ’90s: just code CMS for yourself!
  • choose a WordPress theme design (but good and unique one, not just any design.

… aaaand here are these nice, simple and juicy themes to make your day.

“Night of the Harvest” WordPress Theme


A WordPress theme created with the help of illustrations by Vladstudio to get your website ready for Halloween.

Download Preview theme

“Serenity” WordPress Theme


The second WordPress theme created with the help of illustrations by Vladstudio. Nice and cute one which creates the effect of childish serenity.

Download Preview theme

“The 2muchwires” WordPress Theme


Simple and flexible WordPress theme created with the help of illustrations by Divine Elemente team with jQuery slider.

Download Preview theme

“IPhone4 Apps” WordPress Theme


Are you an iPhone fan? If so, you will like this one for sure. Bright and convenient one created with the help of illustrations by Divine Elemente team.

Download Preview theme

All the materials provided above include the well layered PSD templates based on the high-quality illustrations created by professional illustrators, and also the ready-made WordPress themes.

Dare To Make Such Themes (and even better)

You know, that you can create your own themes with the help of the things you have on your PC? And make them even more awesome than these four themes. How?

Secret #1: Your Unique Theme Instead Of “Conveyor Belt”

  • Pick up an illustration or a photo – something that inspires you;
  • Place the inspiration source in Photoshop and start creating;
  • Don’t worry about the code – the recipe is in the Secret #2.

Secret #2: Don’t Code. Save Your Time

Automate routine tasks. Don’t code themes manually – use Divine Elemente, a PSD to WordPress* theme converter, which generates clean code and always W3C valid. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s fast has elegant dark interface (each designer likes dark interfaces).

* – Photoshop 32-bit plugin for Windows.

Good times, just as we got creating these themes 🙂

Guest blog by:  Sergey Frolovich, the head of customer support department of  Divine Elemente (PSD to WordPress software), and I also write the articles about web developing and web design tips.  Twitter:  @DivineTeam  Facebook:

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