Guidelines to Follow When Planning to Hire Web Designer

Guidelines to Follow When Planning to Hire Web Designer

Hiring a good web designer

If you are creating a website or want to integrate something on your existing site and you decide to hire a website designer to help you. There are thousands of website designers with whom you can get in touch with. But, what are the factors following which you can decide. How you can differentiate between one particular designer and another?

Experience Isn’t Everything

There are many who will tell you that experience is the primary factor that one should look into carefully before hiring. A designer who does not hold much of experience can never deliver you the quality of work that an experienced designer can give. Though to some extent this is true but, this can also turn out to be a drawback. Just as a designer holds less experience doesn’t indicate that he or she can’t create a striking website for you.

Before you base your decision solely on how numerous sites they’ve created or how long they’ve been in this industry, think about this:

But before you start planning on your decisions you need to look into carefully how long they have been in business:

  • Many experienced designers are trapped in their way of life and might not be capable enough to provide you a cutting edge site
  • Young inexperienced designers usually join various designing schools to get hold of a Web design degree. While this isn’t vital either, it does tell you that this individual holds academic knowledge than an older designer have only through practice.


work portfolio

Check Out Their Portfolios

While experience might not be that important, but having a good portfolio is always important. You shouldn’t be concerned on whether the portfolios are made up of live sites as the examples will show you diversity and create a bar for the designer. Just have a look at the portfolio online so that you can check out how the sites they’ve built essentially work. This is particularly important if you are looking around for a designer to create any kind of interactivity for your website.

Skills They Should Offer

To assess a website properly you should be well aware of what you actually require on your website. Though this can turn out to be difficult but, there are some skills that they should certainly offer. They are:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

And this can turn out to be equally good if they hold knowledge on PHP, Ajax, Flash, content writing, SEO, and graphics creation. The best way on how you can assess this is by asking them.

You can even ask for a contract before you plan to hire them on a full time basis. If there is a standard contract signed, you won’t have any doubt regarding hiring of web designer. So, this is how you can hire web designer by following these above mentioned points.


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