The five most important factors for improving Ecommerce conversion and sales?


The five most important factors for improving Ecommerce conversion and sales?

Creating website conversion strategies to improve ROI

Over the last four years we have completed research with thousands of digital marketers in collaboration with Econsultancy reviewing what they are doing to improve their website conversion. There are literally hundreds of different ways to improve conversion and we know digital marketers battle to know where to start. However, based on this year’s in-depth analysis, we believe we have now managed to break a very complex issue down to the five most important ways to improve website conversion. These are:

  1. Responsibility: Make one person responsible for website conversion, give them authority and accountability, plus ideally a financial incentive.
  2. Structure: Implement a structured approach. Conversion rate optimization needs to be a systematic process, not a one off project.
  3. Testing: A/B or MVT is the best way to keep improving your website performance.
  4. Usability Testing: The best way to understand why your customers are doing the things they are doing on your website.
  5. Segmentation: Always use segmentation for actionable insight and targeted communication.
A key factor in the success of your online store is to allow visitors to easily convert to customers. These are five top tips from industry leaders in the field.infographicconversion
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