Basic Elements of Web Design for Business

Basic Elements of Web Design for Business

Are you considering launching a website for your business? Learn the fundamental elements for web design and planning.

For many years, there were standard set for web design. In those early times, it was mostly for blogging and for personal use. Then, business changed the way websites function. Features and functionality have been modified. These days, technology has provided features that are required for business websites. To impress visitors and inspire them to make “call-to-action”, focus now is on the usability, interactive, and efficiency that will give good experience for visitors and customers.

When we say usability, it means that it should be user-friendly. The web development and design procedure should focus on providing visitors good experience on your website. Web design should ensure that visitors’ requirements and goals are met.

Aside from this, responsive web design is in.

The Elements for your Business Website

  • Usability which means the accessibility and availability of your business website. No matter how great website your website is, but visitors cannot access to it – your website is meaningless and without value.
    • Broken links – review and check if there are dead or broken links on your website. Fix them if there are. Broken links will send your potential visitors back to the Google search results quicker than “404” page.
    • Server uptime – Make sure that your visitors do not obtain “error” page when they try to visit or load your business website. Good and reliable web host provider is a good investment that generates better ROI.
    • Mobile compatibility – People who are using mobile devices for online transactions, including buying activity, are increasing. It is, then, recommended that your website is compatible and can handle various devices and screen sizes. Make sure also that you have fast connection.

Amazon is a good example of website with good web design. It has usability features. Its desktop model is optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet screens. Its web layout is flexible for any device.

Amazon shows almost no downtime. This what makes the website trusted and reliable for their users. Its accessibility sets benchmark. They always find ways to improve their usability for better experience of their customers and visitors.

  • Clarity of web design. When visitors are distracted or confused with your web design, they will leave immediately. Worst, they may remember your website and may never come back.

Remember that users come to your website with particular goals. It is your task, therefore, to make sure that their goals are met and have good experience on your website. How can we obtain a website with clarity and usability?

  • Develop consistency in providing your visitors with better experience
  • Build and provide your visitors with meaningful and relevant content and information
  • Opt for simplicity to avoid distracting your visitors; this is one way of inspiring them to do what you like them to do
  • Nurture good relationship with visitors and do not expect them to tour around your website on their own. Inspire by guiding them through your website. Show them what you can offer. Make them feel “at home.” A good web developer can help you plan and devise a web design to provide better experience for your visitors.
  • Feedback is essential. It is one way of inspiring interaction with your customers and visitors.

Have you wondered why is popular among users across the globe? It is because their website is clear, simple and user-friendly. They introduce their brand with simplicity and concentrate on what is most important with their brand on their website.

Observe its general interface. It has plenty of white space and you can see only important content which is presented in clear and with simplicity. It has a conventional menu that holds its logo and home tab, its store, various categories of their products, support links, and a search function box. At the footer, you can see secondary links including its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Apple offers its customers and visitors clear, simple, and straightforward website. And visitors just love the way it is.

  • Help your visitors to learn more about your website and your brand. Your web design should be based on intuitive web design. Its interface should provide your visitors easy and simple instructions to make them do something. Avoid long process where your visitors will try to figure out what they can do on your website.

These days, people are more mature and more experienced in looking at websites. Use web design with features that can create good experience on your site and meet their expectations. Use design that provides them familiar experience of patterns that will make them recognize easily what to do. Help them reach their goals.

Avoid unfamiliar buttons and sketchy instructions. Use features that are familiar to their online experience.  Unfamiliar situations make people uncomfortable.

However, if you need to put some new concept in your web design, be sure that you use them with consistency and be with them during their learning stage.

How? You can provide your first-time visitors with information or instructions – simply and easier ones. Take note that people are more comfortable with visual learning process.

Have you noticed that Microsoft uses classical web design yet it is modern and looks fresh? Microsofft went through redesigning of their site. Their web design is basically clean, clear and easier to navigate. The familiar framework helps their visitors in finding what they want on the site.

  • Build your credibility. What good will it do to your attractive website if people do not trust you? Great web design and relevant content become useless. And because they do not trust you, they will doubt about how effective your products are.

It is indeed essential to let people know you, your staff, and your company is real and legitimate. Initially, to build credibility, put a clear “About Us” page which includes persons’ names, your physical location or address, your phone number, email address or other related contact details.

And then there is the content that plays great role in building credibility. Try to avoid any mistakes, even the minor ones like spelling. “Sell” your craft and your expertise but avoid bragging about them. You can also present third-party testimonials like previous customers, references, and how many are your social media followers and “likers.”

Why do people trust L’OREAL? Aside from professional web design, they also offer relevant and meaningful content to show their craft as a company. Have you noticed they have this Research and Innovation web page? They provide their readers with their research studies that make their products worth to be trusted.

They also use experts’ testimonies and images of known celebrities like Julia Roberts who endorse their products. Their trust indicator is high.

  • Provide your visitors with meaningful and relevant content. To do this, you have to know your visitors and the reasons they come to your website. Define your visitors. Communicate with them to know their goals in visiting your website. Then, develop situations that show where your visitors go and spend longer time. Determine what content attract them most. With this information and data, you will be able to determine the kind of content they want.

Visit and what do you find? It has great content that focuses on their visitors. Visitors can choose to search their online shop by categories like Men, Women, or Children, or by sports.

If you are searching for running shoes for fun run activity, Nike allows you to search their online shop according to this particular need or goal.

To sum up,

Web design is crucial because it is where your visitors first experience your website. Usability and other features should be present to provide them with pleasant online experience and inspire to do what you want them to do. Experienced and reliable web developers can help you plan and create web design for your business website.

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