Effective website design tips for 2015

2015 has set a new milestone for the web designers to be more creative and responsive. The new trend, hence gives a clear focus on a communicative and attractive designs. Here, we will talk about the ruling trends that are most hyped and have gained quite a momentum in the present era.

1. Landing Pages Should be Communicative
The new trend says that landing pages have to be communicative but it’s not necessary to stuff all the information right on this page. Designing a landing page depends much on the specific campaigns. It’s better to design page specifically based on the campaigns. In short a landing page should feature with a neat proposal for the customer, a special offer for the specific campaign and a call to action message. The more compelling it is, more will be your chances to attract traffic to the site.

2. It’s all about responsiveness
A responsive web design is the success mantra in 2015, as the pundits say. Hence, it’s quite important to optimize each site for screen resolution and Smartphone. Since the target audience has gone all mobile, it’s important to optimize any site accordingly. Even at the closing of 2014, Google has announced its preference of the mobile-friendly websites in terms of ranking.

3. Images Play a Key Role
That’s the most interesting part of the website design as it makes it eye-catching in every possible ways. With a proper image you can actually highlight the important text and at the same time make a visual representation of the products and services it offers. No doubt, attractive images will definitely create a lure to the viewers.

4. Infographics made it attractive
Web design nowadays is more of a design instead of text. Every form of communications are being effectively designed in terms of image and infographics. The best part is, inographics can present a large chunk of information in a simpler and eye-catching manner. The result is more compelling communication and increased views.

5. Free-hand illustrations do the tricks
As far as the design part is concerned, the visuals of a website matters a lot in h process of engaging audience. Thus, illustrated images, background, icons, typography play a key role in making sites attractive. Retro styles have made a huge comeback this year. However, a communicative site with lots of eye-catching features is the key to success.

But the list never ends here. Look for more upcoming trends and incorporate those in your design pattern. Innovation reaps success at the end of the day.

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