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Custom Website Design or Template Design: Choosing the Right Business Web Design

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Custom Website Design or Template Design: Choose the Right Business Web Design


Learn the pros and cons of custom website design and template design. The final choice is always yours.

If I have an online business and I want to gain higher traffic that brings in good leads and generate sales, I would give the best shot in planning, designing, and maintaining the site. However, I need to understand the pros and cons of the web designs, features for online business, and the appropriate marketing tools to achieve my business goals.

With this on mind, I am presenting the pros and cons of the major types of web design. If you are just starting your online business, we hope these tips will help you. If you have already launched your website, then, we hope that this article will shed light into some issues that you have.

The Best of Custom Website Design

Custom website design aims at representing a product brand. It intends to incorporate the uniqueness of the brand into the web design. It is created from the scratch or from nothing. It is drafted and built to deal with the special characteristics of the business or organisation. Because the site has been developed and built from the scratch, the custom website design has greater chances of standing out from the crowd. Web designers blend special features, graphics, and copy that are perfectly custom-made to complement the interests and needs of target audience. Custom web development creates user-friendly applications that add significance and usefulness to the visitors and customers. It also helps draw more leads from online.


The Best of Web Design Template

A design template is not unique because they are made from pre-defined templates. These templates come from websites that offer standard and pre-defined templates to tackle the needs of a particular industry or goal. Famous like WordPress, there are many pre-defined templates web designs with ready-to-use features. They are created to plug and go and allowing the creation of quick website with several basic variations and adjustments. Because of these pre-defined templates, there are thousands of organisations or businesses that have the same website design, even if they have altered or modified some texts or images.

The Cost

There is a distinct difference in terms of costing between custom website design and web design through pre-defined templates. Since it is customised, a website made from custom website design is expensive. A pre-designed template may cost you $600, including the fundamental SEO marketing and basic product branding that comes with the package. With a good custom website, it can cost you $2,000. The difference is in experience and time.

The Experience and Time Factors

Since web design templates have pre-designed templates where you can choose from with a help from a single SEO expert, it will take you little time, or at least three days to complete and launch your website. However, most of these pre-defined websites have restricted features that come with the package.

With custom design website, it needs an experienced and dynamic web designer team of a project manager, web designers, SEO experts, programmers, product branding specialists, and copywriters. Each staff has higher level of experience and it usually take between three to ten weeks to complete the website, depending on the complexity of the site.

 The difference:


Tips on Choosing the Best Option for your Online Business

Your primary consideration is your budget and then how your site should look and its features. Web design template websites are very famous and are preferred by most of the small business owners who have limited budget. These template websites also give quick online marketing solutions with price which is within your means.

However, when you eliminate the budget factor, the general benefits that you can get from custom website designs are greater compared to pre-defined web templates. Many middle-sized organisations, big companies, and eCommerce stores prefer custom design to reach the biggest market audience in the internet. Customised websites give companies and businesses with wider choices in developing their websites and higher conversion rates than most of the pre-defined templates and business solutions.

On final note, customised website provides you with the following online business solutions:


Well, if you are really on a tight budget, you can begin with template web design and when you are ready to invest, you can opt for customised web design utilizing the most advanced web design and programs and features for better lead generation and conversion rates.

Fortunately, Creativ Digital Sydney is composed of experienced and reputable web designers who are ready to listen to your business plans. Contact them for free consultation through 1 300 055 867 or you can send them email. From you business plans, who knows, we can help you create and define the best business online solutions for you to start with.

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