Can WordPress Do Wonders for SEO?

Can WordPress Do Wonders for SEO?

Company websites, online shops and blogs are said to run on WordPress. WordPress is simply intriguing to designers who are impressed by its versatility and the broad spectrum of adaptations possible with it. Users are happy with its effectiveness and simplicity. It is not an intricate system rather a simple blogging system that requires very little or practically no knowledge regarding website design, coding or relevant technical details.


Almost one-fourth of the 10 million leading websites in the world, including Search Engine Land, Mashable, and TIMEMarketing are all built on WordPress. WordPress is the easiest thing to use, but you must not overlook issues or take certain things for granted as that may adversely affect the growth, success and profitability of your business.

Common Myths Regarding SEO

During the last few years there have been numerous misconceptions and myths about how the search engines actually operate. These myths need to be dispelled to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Is a SEO Optimized CMS a Fact?

Some believe that WordPress is actually Search Engine Optimized straight out of the box. This is not true. You do not have anything as search engine optimized Content Management System. WordPress is definitely search engine friendly, but for getting best results it is necessary to do some SEO work manually. You cannot just expect your SEO ranking to take a magical leap and appear on Google’s front page just because you have switched to WordPress.

The basis of this myth is the constant promotion at client meetings by CMS vendors, who use this as their USP. Some business owners may be lacking in technical knowledge and may get confused between terms that sound similar. They may not be able to differentiate between search engine friendly and search engine optimized. In reality, WordPress gives you a superb starting point. Once the foundation is laid, you can now develop a site and add extra SEO features to it without having to spend too much money or devoting too much time.

Is a WordPress SEO Plugin a Complete Substitute for SEO Consultants?

SEO is a constant process that needs to be integrated consistently into your current marketing efforts. No WordPress plugin can encompass all aspects of SEO. At first you need to configure your SEO plugin. As SEO is an extensive and complex affair, it is best to consult a specialist who has thorough knowledge of organic search. He knows ways to step up your marketing using SEO effectively. He is the one who prevents you from making costly errors. A SEO specialist should be hired either as a staff member or as a consultant on a long-term basis for excellent performance.

A SEO specialist can be of immense help in certain real life instances. While you are upgrading WordPress, or installing a new theme or plugin, your website’s code will be altered. These changes need to be properly accounted for otherwise, your ranking may go down. Also, sometimes, when you add new plugins, it results in slowing your site down. You must remember that site loading speed is a determining factor where SEO rankings are concerned in Google’s algorithm. This change could adversely affect your rankings.


Content marketing is a key to the success of all online businesses. It is important to optimize your content with specific SEO-friendly keywords that would attract traffic, engage prospective customers and convert them into buyers. Here, you need the expert help of SEO consultants as WordPress alone is not fully equipped to assist you on keyword trends. Hiring a WordPress SEO consultant is an excellent idea as he would be instrumental in increasing organic traffic with his sound advice and guidance. It is important to stay abreast with the dynamic SEO environment and maintain an optimized site at all times. If you are interested to know more browse through

Things to Consider While Selecting the Best WordPress SEO Plugin for Your Website

You may choose from two SEO plugins that stand apart from the rest. The WordPress SEO and the All in One SEO Pack are the two popular and highly rated ones. You may require extra plugins for peripheral tasks like implementing analytics tracking code website-wide. You need to consider few issues before choosing the correct plugins.

Make sure that the plugin is compatible with the specific technology and functionality of your site. Ensure that the developers would provide adequate tech support. Check the popularity of the plugin as other experienced users can come to your aid for troubleshooting. It is a good idea to buy plugins and themes from renowned vendors and stay away from unknown providers with no track record.

Choosing the Right WordPress Hosting Solution

In case you have the capacity, time and resources for dealing with hosting, backing up data, site-restoration and upgrades then, you could opt for VPS (Virtual Private Server) and go about managing everything on your own. If you do not have the luxury of time or resources, you could choose a managed WordPress Hosting Solution.

This will handle all issues relating to technical, administration, security, and performance. You could expect to pay a modest fee for the service, but then, you can concentrate on your business and take care of content creation. Some factors such as web server management, ease of installation and cost play a vital role in making the right choice. Do proper research and check credentials before relying on a particular server. Ensure that you are hiring a WordPress expert to avoid issues such as careless security system and slow web servers.

Taking the Right Decision about WordPress Installation

You may be faced with a dilemma of choosing a domain or subdomain or subfolder for installing WordPress.


New domains are perfect for short-term campaigns such as product launches and event management. However, you could host your blog on a new domain too. Though there is no guarantee for achieving the same results as the main company website, you could still be successful in reaching your target audience effectively, if you are advised and assisted by a proficient SEO expert. He would work hand in hand with developers and your creative agency to get things right thus, averting any organic search disaster.

You could help content marketers to concentrate on things that your audience has an inclination for, testing if creative ideas would be effective, and adjusting the site’s keyword strategy, you could maximize your hopes and possibility of success. However, pause and think if you really need a new domain.

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