cropped Best 6 WordPress Plugins To Ease Search Engine Marketing

Best 6 WordPress Plugins To Ease Search Engine Marketing

Undeniably, WordPress has become the most used content management system (CMS) all around the world. In the present context, millions of websites are running on WordPress. Launched to streamline the blogging process, this CMS has opened the gateway for different domains. By providing different advanced plugins and extensions, businesses can now use this CMS for developing their websites at the utmost ease.

Best 6 WordPress Plugins To Ease Search Engine Marketing
Best 6 WordPress Plugins To Ease Search Engine Marketing

Today, using WordPress for setting up websites is a viable option for all kinds of businesses. But, it cannot ensure that the website will do well in the search engine space and the online marketplace. And, if a website does not perform well in gaining the attention of the online visitor, then how can it be profitable for the business. Thus, there is a requirement for certain technology and strategy to make the website SEO-friendly.

Fortunately, nowadays, various WordPress plugins are available that can streamline the way for the administrators to make their website achieve a good ranking in the search result. And, for you, this blog covers the best 6 plugins for WordPress that can simplify online marketing. Let’s have a glance below to find out these plugins:

Yoast SEO Plugin For WordPress

Yoast SEO is a feature-rich and complete SEO plugin for WordPress. It helps the users to analyze the functionality by incorporating the snippet preview and other features with the WordPress web pages. This Plugin enables the administrators to optimize different types of content, titles, meta descriptions, titles and XML sitemaps, and other features.

This plugin is packed with various features that can help the website owner enhance the video. It presents the imperative information clearly like how the website listing will appear in Google result. The development organization of Yoast is studying the trends and according to that, it is improving the quality of the plugin.

SEOPressor 5

SEOPressor5 is an advanced WordPress-centric SEO plugin that can automate all the imperative tasks to streamline search engine marketing. This plugin presents an advanced picture that can guide the users to not only optimize the keywords but also help them place the keyword at a relevant position. It empowers the website owners to organize the meta content according to the post or content.

SEOPressor5 has been designed to prevent the website from a penalty and over-optimization trap. Along with this, this plugin enables the users to optimize the website for Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others. This platform supports the “Latent Semantic Analysis” algorithm to boost the quality of the content that will enhance the search engine ranking.

ALL In One SEO Pack

All In One SEO Pack is an advanced WordPress plugin that can automatically boost search engine ranking. This plugin supports XML sitemap. It can automatically generate the meta tags, title, as well as description. It comes with Google Analytic support that offers in-depth insight into the behaviour of search engine result. It has been built to work well with WordPress based e-commerce websites.

In order to use this plugin to the fullest feature, it is necessary to upgrade this SEO pack to the next version by investing around $39. It can even fine-tune the navigational URL in order to prevent link break and ensure a better experience.

Ultimate Video SEO Plugin

Ultimate Video SEO Plugin has been developed for video SEO. This plugin features all the aspects of video SEO to ensure that the website can boost the search result of the video website. This plugin fetches the details of the video from different video hosting websites to the administrators so that they can optimize the search result and bring more visitors.

It is a ready-to-go plugin and there is no need to have in-depth knowledge of installing this plugin. This plugin lets the users create a video sitemap with just one click. It can even notify the search engine regarding the newly updated video. With the help of poedit software, it can translate the language. This is one of the best video-based SEO plugins that have the capability to support different formats of the video.

Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO is a brilliantly developed WordPress Plugin that can help novice users optimize their WordPress websites. It enables the users to place SEO-friendly content on the website. It comes with a superb interface that can guide the editor to put the best content that can boost the website ranking effectively. It comes with advanced functionality that empowers the users to search the finest keywords and topics that the customers are using on the search engine bar.

Squirrly SEO can keep track of all your content marketing campaigns. It has the functionality to audit the content and notify the administrator by a report through email. Moreover, this provides suggestion on keywords that the website should use in their article or content. It can work with different SEO plugins like Yoast, All in One SEO Pack, and others.

Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator is the perfectly designed plugin that enables the users to connect with Google analytics from the WordPress dashboard. This eliminates the steps to log in to Google analytic in order to have a glance over the report. It comes with a widget to instantly display visitor stat, so that administrator can easily do the relevant changes in order to optimize the visitor’s experience.

By using this plugin, the users can even track the events with the outbound links. It supports translation for Polish, Turkish, Spanish, and Dutch. Here, you can even track the speed of the website. There are localization features that empower the users to get the setting page in their native language. This plugin, with the help of a graph widget, presents information related to the number of visitors, summary site usage, and much more in an understandable format.


Developing a WordPress website is not enough until the website is optimized for search engine. The competitive scenario in the digital space has become cutthroat. Thus, in order to gain the attention of the online visitors, the website administrator/owner should not just set up the website, he/she need not leave any stone unturned to optimize the website for search engine result and that is possible with help of SEO plugin.

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