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For any business, the website is the face of the brand. There are so many variables to be taken into account and thought-through while creating the website. Although it is a formidable task; everyone loves to get involved and influence decisions that lead to small changes they wish to see. Regardless of having a common vision, every individual has their own opinion, one that is loosely based on their role in the company. Changes based on such inputs make any website a reflection of their mindset.

I have put together a list of instances where, in each one, the decision-maker behind the website design is different and how it will have an impact on the end result.

When a Web Designer drives the design

Needless to say, Designers these days are obsessed with the concept of minimalism because they believe users do not like spending much time deciphering the message that needs to be conveyed. And it is the designer’s duty to present the website in the most easily understandable way, so that users can take decisions even with the least visual information. A good designer will always stick to more breathing space, less content, limited typefaces and colors backed up by high resolution images, clear navigation, proper alignment and organization for a cleaner, simpler look. When a web designer solely drives the design, it will look minimal without anything superfluous.

When a Web Developer drives the design

Web Developers have an innate tendency of approaching every design with a rational outlook. This means they sometimes focus more on the overall structure and flow of different elements rather than aesthetics. Being responsible to lay down a credible website in a limited timeframe, they can not always afford to pay attention to finer details.  This can take a toll on spacing, image quality, color choices or other elements which enhance the look of the design.

When a Content Writer/Copywriter drives the design

Content, undoubtedly, plays a pivotal role in any website. Even if the design is mediocre, exceptional content can keep users engaged. Every Content Writer strives hard to create a content-rich, killer website. And as a content writer, the urge is to share more information and educate users through comprehensive copies, making it easy for users to explore. So a website driven by a content writer will probably end up looking content-heavy.

When a Digital Marketer drives the design

For a website, apart from the design and content, there is something called promoting the website, which matters. This is usually taken care of, relentlessly, by the Digital Marketer, and from the moment a website is live, it is the digital marketer’s concern to promote it and get visitors. Eventually, if a digital marketer drives a design, the focus will predominantly be on a big CTA, maybe with a huge headline that announces any deal or promotion that is currently running on the site.

When a Sales Manager drives the design

When you have a lot of traffic coming to your website, a Sales Manager would intend to use the incoming traffic to make easy money, owing to the fact that some supplementary revenue never hurt nobody. Placing ads that generate revenue when clicked on, is an ideal way to monetize a website and add value to it. So when a sales head is the person behind the design, don’t be surprised if there is an avalanche of ads displayed on the website.  

When a Marketing Manager drives the design

A Marketing Manager’s clear-cut goal is to elevate his brand and make people talk about it. Evidently, a marketer is the interface between users and designers, so the marketing manager knows what a user wants in a design. And we are well aware that every user is different from the other in the way he thinks, acts and makes a decision. To cater to the needs of diverse users out there, a marketing manager would include a good deal of stock images on his website.

When the CEO drives the design

A CEO’s role comes with extra pressure, which is putting himself out there and becoming the face of the company. On the pursuit of doing so, they make themselves open to having a lot of their pictures on the website. Websites with pictures of CEO’s have become mainstream. For all the stereotypical websites with a lot of pictures of the CEO, perhaps it was the CEO behind the website design.

This blog’s objective isn’t to undermine any role, and, as a designer I know that designing a website is definitely not an easy undertaking for anyone. And just a good eye for design doesn’t help increase your conversions. It has to be coupled with accurate data analysis of user behavior and preferences.

Be it designing a new website or revamping an old one, let data drive all your design decisions to ensure the design is not biased based on the decision maker of the site. So the next time you put your design hat on, use tools like Heatmaps and A/B Testing to delve into data to design a game-changing website that clicks with your users!

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