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Successful WebsiteDesigning a website is one thing but designing a website that actually accomplishes what it was designed to do is a completely different ball game. You want a website that will reach its maximum ability and give you the highest ROI.  So what makes a successful website? And how do you create a website that will be successful for your business?

1) Define the Purpose –There is no way you can truly know how to make your website successful without knowing what it is you are wanting your website to accomplish. Is your goal to have your website make sales, get visitors, obtain email addresses, get them to click on links, etc.

2) Great Web Designer – Your business depends upon customers having a good first impression of your company. If you decide to go with the cheapest web developer the odds are they will not be familiar with the technology needed to make your website user friendly.

3) Layout – The layout of the content on your website is extremely important. Users on your website generally will not read they will scan. You don’t want to just put up a bunch of content that people have a hard time scanning for what they are looking for. Make it easy for the visitor to find exactly what they are looking for.

mobile device4) MobileMobile devices are becoming the preferred device to surf the web on. You will want your website to be just as professional looking and easy to navigate for the mobile user as the PC user. You want everyone that is viewing your website to have a great impression and the only way this can happen is if they can view it from their mobile device.

5) Simplicity – You don’t want to upset a visitor because you have a complicated checkout page or signup page. If a user can’t figure something out on your website the chances are they may attempt it a second time but don’t expect a third try. The likelihood is that you have lost that visitor to your competitor.

6) Test – Always spend time going through your website so you can see what your visitors are seeing. By doing this you can catch issues that may arise before to many of your potential customers find them. Testing is always a great thing to do with your website.

7) SEO – Your website needs visitors to be successful. Without visitors even the best websites are useless. Make sure you understand how to get traffic and how to rank your website on the search engines. If you don’t understand how to accomplish this make sure your web designer knows how to accomplish this.

Many people think the famous quote from the Movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come” applies to websites and this is simply not the case. Anybody can put up a random website but to have a successful website it takes planning and understanding. If you don’t have that understanding then you should look at contacting a web design company to help you develop a plan that will help your business become successful.

Guest Post by Amy on behalf of a Phoenix web design company. 

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