7 Secrets of a Great Logo Design

7 Secrets of a Great Logo Design

First check out these great logo galleries for inspiration. Its always good to do a bit of a market survey to make sure your design will be unique.

1) read this great how to design a logo.


2) rate your favourite logos


3) check out some inspiration

logopond gallery



4) deconstruct some other brilliant logo designs


5) grab yourself some new fonts for free



6) pump out the concepts, when i was working as a intern designer in a design co in paddington. i had to come up with 50 concepts for a shampoo bottle design  I did that and then i was told come up with another 50. it’ll be after you do the predictable that you’ll produce something fresh.

7) refine your favourite concepts and put in all the detail. many designs will only look good once you have put in all the attention to detail. Happy designing.

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